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  1. I have had several dealings with Lexus Sidcup since they opened. I have taken my Lexus LS400 there for two servicings and a number of repairs. I am writing to give LEXUS SIDCUP full marks for exceptional customer service, reasonable prices for servicing and repairs, and for providing helpful and useful (including saving me money) information. Kate Markham and Chris (service managers) are simply wonderful. All the receptionists I have met were very welcoming and helpful. I would recommend highly LEXUS SIDCUP to fellow Lexus owners. :D
  2. I have had several dealings with Lexus Sidcup since they opened. This week my Lexus LS400 received a full service there. I am writing to give LEXUS SIDCUP full marks for customer service, excellent service and repair of my car, price of servicing and repairs, and sound professional advice. Kate Markham and Chris (Manager) are wonderful. All the receptionist I have met are welcoming and helpful.

  3. Thank you very much for this information. My local Toyota / Lexus dealer had no idea how to help. Lexus UK were not able to help much either. Therefore, you can imagine the depth of my gratitude to you for this information. I have ordered an update disk. The price has leapt to £119 excluding postage! Credit crunch!!! Best regards Femi
  4. Hi, my garage did exactly that with the wires as they were a pain to remove intact, and £ 100 for a couple of sensors is a lot. Been fine since new pads fitted, all you got to do is check your pad wear manualy between mots, cheers steve. Just bought a 1991 LS400. The brake light warning light went off when I changed a burnt out brake bulb!
  5. Hi and welcome. I think your problem is probably caused by the refrigerant being at too low pressure when you start up. The compressor will not kick in if the pressure is too low, so have your aircon checked at a regassing garage. Paul Hi Paul, thank you for the welcome and the advice. Much appreciated. I will try regassing the system and get back to you. Many thanks. Femi
  6. Help! I have just purchased a 1991 LS 400. When I start the car it takes several minutes before the climate control works. First, the climate control lights flash on and off intermittently before they finally stay on and the climate control starts to work normally. This is my first Lexus and I am seriously impressed with the car. I should be grateful for advice in respect of the above problem.