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  1. hi, did you fix the problem with your dash clock light? i'm having exactly the same problem. dan

  2. N-iGMA

    New Alloys

    Hi Guys, still on the look out for some alloys as I haven't been able to find ones to my liking :( came across these today: Dare X3 18" they come with wider rear tyres and the site says that they will fit... what do you guys reckon? Cheers Sunil
  3. N-iGMA

    New Alloys

    Cheers hodaz, how about the Cruize LXY Haines in 18" and 215 or 225? Cruize LXY Haines 18" Sunil
  4. N-iGMA

    New Alloys

    Hi Guys, I'm on the hunt for a new set of wheels for my IS200 and I've seen the following two which I'm quite liking at the moment and I was wondering what you guys thought of them and which one you would go for. Cruize (MRR) LXY Haines Team Dynamics Jade-R also would you recommend 18" or 19"? Your opinions (good and bad) are welcome. Cheers, Sunil
  5. Hi I'm from Wembley, Northwest London, and drive a IS200 Sport
  6. Hi guys, I had my new Headunit fitted in this weekend and ever since I noticed that the Dash Clock's Backlight stays on even after turning the car off or locking the car. I'm sure this isn't normal but I'm not too sure as I never took much notice of this previously. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Sunil Kerai Lexus IS200 Sport | TTE Front Bumper, TRD Side Skirts TTE Rear Skirt | 6000K HID Lights | LED Number Plate Lights | LED Interior Lights W.I.P: Kenwood DNX5220 + KCA BT200 | Kenwood KAC 9102D Mono Amp | 10" Kicker Solobaric in Custom Kicker Box
  7. N-iGMA


    no the one in the blue one has, showing error 1 rabster you have pm I used to get this before - I used a CD Drive Cleaning Disc and this got rid of the message and I haven't got this error since (touch wood) Sunil K
  8. I've purchased my kit off ebay too recently just waiting to get it painted and fitted - TTE Front Bumper, TRD Side Skirts and TTE Rear Skirt. The guy I bought them off has just advertised some more. Item number: 120304173832 - TTE Style Rear Skirt Item number: 280266216958 - TRD Style Side Skirt Item number: 120304921438 - TTE Style Front Bumper Sunil K
  9. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone else has come across this. I was filling up petrol the other day (tank had 1/8th left) and as soon as I started, the pump started cutting out, like when it thinks that tanks full. I tried again at another station thinking that it was a faulty pump, but the same thing happened again initially, even when holding the lever half pressed. But after around 20litres I was able to hold the lever half way without cutting out, but not fully. It took like 5mins to fill up aahhhhhhh :tsktsk: Any advise Cheers Sunil K __________________________________________ Lexus IS200 Sport | Strathcaron Blue | 8000K HID Kit
  10. Hi All, I am quite interested in the looks of the TTE Body Kit for the IS200, and I'm wondering where I could buy one from and roughly what the cost of one would be ( i know i may be pushing things, but here goes , including fitting (roughly). Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sunil K N-iGMA ________________________________________________________________________________ 2002 Lexus IS200 Sport | 6000K HID Conversion Kit | Interior LED Lights | ...more worked planned :)