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  1. can't beat those TDCI engines... unless you are a honda, bmw, Alfa, Merc of course.... did anyone see Autoexpress this week doing a family Diesel test? the IS was conspicuous by its absence....
  2. I'd go for the Merc SL. used to have a 280SL back in 1998. Best car I have ever owned on paper. (I prefer the Lexus overall but the Merc cost three times my house payment!). The SL is actually a usable 2+2 GT. I have brought 5 year old kids (one in the back) to and from Taunton in mine and they were fine with the passenger seat forward. Great ride roof up or down. EXCELLENT build quality. one of the few modern mercs that still feels really solid yet agile on the road. even the wheezy 2.8 V6 was powerfull enough to make it fun so the 500 will be a scream and the 600 was generally considered overkill for the far eastern markets. If you check 'em out you'll find the best engine/chassis combo is the 300SL-24 closely followed by the SL320. The NSX is great but closest comparitor has to be a Ferarri 348 (imagine it was reliable) and that does make it a special supercar. The honest answer has to be, all of them are more exciting than your IS300... are you saying you want excitement? thought about putting a V8 in your IS?? just a few thoughts that might help... :zee:
  3. Yes Colin Barber is the Dean Cain of the LOC, But there are many unsung supermen and women of LOC and they all conspire to make it a place we all return to day after day for some lighthearted mirth and merriment. Makes you wonder what void we all must have had in our lives BL (Before LOC). Let the love flow :D :D :D :D
  4. Good On Ya Duncan!! THink you'll love that extra boost. I remember the first time Zee took for a spin in his. I knew I was gonna have to invest in a little bag of tricks to beat that TGV style Pulling power!! How will your lowered car/expensive Rubber cope with the increase in thrashability? :zee:
  5. Shame, Vince. we could have compared mussels! ;)
  6. just seed read this but one obvious question: Who pics the numbers? :o
  7. I've seen one doing 140mph.... might have been er...Red
  8. facing the lonely prospect of banging local hookers in a cheap hotel while I think about work tomorrow, I put a plea out there! is anyone going to the Ace cafe tonight? If so, can they let me know where it is. Steve, Bazza, Si Skippy all have my mobile number. I will be off line mostly but will check here if I can. If anyone is off then, I'd be up for a lickle meet. Right, more blinkin' work!
  9. lots of people have Nokia 6310I and live in all kinds of rooms of various shapes and sizes, pete. ;) but, I know the cost of london properties is not so good as up hear so I might have to give up some wardrobe space if I moved... Cheers, Loz
  10. I have a special mobile phone for just this kind of car crime emergency... its reassuring, the effect it can have on such naughty people. :duh:
  11. Even the Lord couldn't make to mountains without a valley in the middle so when you are in the valley, be thankful that you have the side of a mountain to look up to.
  12. fargo, really not sure about the authenticity of that photo but it is funny none the less. I bet that was a real sphinkter moment! :o
  13. you know, the problem with that Coke Gag.... it just got diluted, man...
  14. first he wants suits now he wants pole dancers you offerin' Bazza? ;)
  15. ah... that explains the pained expression...
  16. have not missed one yet. I like the look on that guys face who organises it. You come from Leeds again!! :o And lets see what cars go home on a low loader again...
  17. yeah, I thought it was a bit fishy.. last photo is semi convincing though... I would have thought a semi would have flatend him though. think of the mass of that truck and the feeble structure of a body... Nah... and the photos would not be taken before and after... public would lynch a guy who parked his truck on a homey and jumped out to snap it. He'd have backed up off of him.. also if he pumped the brakes, where are the drag marks?
  18. that must be the less agressive model that the the South African's have produced. I like the BK Flamer version... speaking of which.... FOOOOOOOOD
  19. let the diners decide... :hohoho: oops.. should have allowed replies as this is gonna slip off the page... Can a Moderater amend this please?
  20. your objection is noted, counsel, and overruled! Can't make you wear one, Colin, but I think it would lend a great feastive theme to the evenings proceedings... Can we get a poll?
  21. apparently feds are going easy for first couple of weeks.... and remeber also in the season of good will, drink driving is likely to mess up lives so don't do it! stop, take a sip. then drive on.
  22. I think they will have to replace all keys and locks mate. nothing else would be safe. even if they could reprograme the key the tea leaf could still gain entry to your car. Guess its the Lords own work to guess at how much your premium will rise by, I would guess however that it would be less than if there was a total loss on your car. not like they are gonna have to pay out £20 odd k for keys locks and tyres now is it? ps. where did this happen. so we can map the crime wave in the north. Manchester first, now Leeds, is it? Loz
  23. never heard that one on Radio 4 at 7.50am.... But I like it ;)
  24. My Husband left me for a Hermaphrodite :o