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  1. No, don't think it's the same thing. The oxygen sensor is like a spark plug in shape (I think).
  2. ...yet another oxygen sensor for my 2005 (MK3) GS300. It's bank 2, sensor 2. What price would you expect to pay all in (parts, labour, VAT) at a Lexus main dealer?
  3. Sounds pretty good, especially if you live close enough to Blackpool. My only concern is how do you the quality of the wheels is the same as the originals you are exchanging or are all alloy wheels pretty much the same?
  4. I've had my 55reg GS300 for almost 2 years and had two sensors replaced (same one - there are about four in total). The fault has now come back again but it's intermittent so I'm trying to get back to Lexus as and when it happens but sod's law I'm always in a rush somewhere whenever it appears. Lexus have told me "not to worry about it" and to pop in for a diagnostic when it occurs. I had a real battle with them last time getting them to pay for the replacement sensor so if it's the same one it looks like the same argument will take place. The woman at Lexus HQ Customer Services was the snottiest, most ill-informed person I've ever dealt with. So the question is: if the same sensor has gone three times in two years does it not indicate a deeper problem? Lexus say they tested the ECU last time but surely I can't be sent on my way with yet another new sensor which will just go again?
  5. A few weeks ago I noticed my driver side wing mirror tilts down during reversing but doesn't then adjust itself upwards. In fact it won't move up at all. Goes left/right and down but not up so after every reverse I have to manually push the miror back into position. Has anyone heard of this before? Is this a fixable glitch? Cheers
  6. Lexus techie had a gander and said a piece of the mechanism had snapped so there was no quick fix. The cover is manufactured and supplied as part of the entire console which was something like £750 plus the labour. I like the idea of the Blu Tack.
  7. The spring-loaded cover on the centre console (the bit that covers the drinks holders/place where you put all your crap and coins and chewing gum) has broken. I think a coin got lodged down one side and something inside has snapped when opening it. Lexus have quoted a whopping £895 to replace it because it's an all in one component so everything has to come out. As it the flap is always open. Does anyone else know a cheaper solution? I'm going to be selling the car in the next few months and any prospective buyer would probably notice it.
  8. I drive from the NW to London on a regular basis and I actually look forward to it knowing that I'll be be in a GS300. It completely changes the way you look at motorway driving and long journeys. But saying that, the seats in the Mk2 are much comfier than the Mk3.
  9. the VSC light come on with the fuel system .which indicates the oxygen sensor,most time it the fuel cap thats loose or blockedhope this helps with your problem The fault/error lights have disappeared. Seems to be an issue when starting the car when it is cold and putting it into gear and driving off too quickly before the checks have finished. If it re-appears again in the next few weeks I'll get it checked and have the sensor replaced to be on the safe side but for the time being I'm considering it a bogus fault.
  10. Had a VSC engine management light come on (GS300 2005) and my local garage hooked up the computer to find it was the annoying oxygen sensor fault again (which I know from experience is sometimes a bogus fault that can disappear just by unhooking the battery). However the mechanic mentioned that next to the slot under the driver's side dash is a reset button. I've looked in the manual but it doesn't refer to it anywhere...anyone know what it resets?
  11. Actually it's pretty patchy, the volumes just isn't loud enough but apparently the update DVD solves this problem.
  12. Lexus Bradford said the car was nearly five years old and corrosion was likely (not word for word but not far off). They said it was common before realising they were talking themselves into admitting it was a fault. I'm still slightly hasn't fully subsided yet!
  13. I'll write to them just to see if they respond (I doubt they will). Looking at the valve I can't really see any corrosion but the end piece is missing so it'll be hard to prove either way. By the way, I had no idea Lexus did the tyres. Last time I needed one they advised me to get it changed - never made it clear they could could it (maybe only some centres are kitted out?).
  14. It was my local NTS. Been using them for years and never had a problem. They said it was heavily corroded and therefore snapped. I've got the old valve here and it's hard to tell really but if your dealer says they replace them when they snap them it suggests they're not strong enough in the first place. I'm probably making more of this than needs be...just a bit p.issed off that a new valve costs more than a new tyre and realising that the running costs of a Lexus are the major downside to owning one.
  15. Had new tyres fitted today and the valve (the sensor type that connects to the computer and tells you about low pressure, etc) was corroded and snapped. Got an extended warranty but Lexus say it doesn't cover it and they're not prepared to stump up. So to get a new tyre fitted I have had to suffer a corroded Lexus part and now have to pay an extra £250 to get a new part and fitting. Let me just say that there are lots of very helpful Lexus dealers and service centres around (Manchester and Stockport being two of them) but my patience has finally wilted with the one in Bradford...doesn't help when they say they'll call you back but never, ever do.