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  1. Ist hier meine Seite, die in Deutschen übersetzt wird. Ich hoffe, dass dieses Ihnen hilft! Ich hoffe, dass dieses Ihnen hilft!
  2. Wow! I read somewhere on another forum that someone is planning to stick the Lexus lump in his Lotus, whould the Lotus lump go pop.
  3. Thought about this the other day - did anyone ever do a stretch limo version of the LS 400 MK1-4?
  4. There is a second fan offside, placed in front of the rad on my LS400 -1992. Thanks for the replies - symptoms have not returned since Monday - despite trying! I too have thought of the air lock route - which would explain, if the secondary rad switch is ok, it is not cutting in. I'll plan to do a reverse flush from the thermostat housing. I'll keep everyone posted.
  5. Thanks for your replies. Of course, Sod's law, the problem is intermittent! I checked the coolant level, which was fine, and between the marks, before setting off yesterday morning for 10 mile trip down to Bedminster, yesterday, country lanes, and a bit of urban work - fine, until I got to Portway, which is a 50 mph road, and the temperature continued to shoot up reaching H, and fell back a click, but more or less as soon as I pulled into a Car Park, the temperature indciation dropped dramatcially to where it should be - basically, on the car, the needle points dirctly to 7 on the Rev counter. The trip home, same route, around 10 minutes later was uneventful! Drive to work yesterday afternoon, urban traffic, two hours later, - admittedly a short trip of around 3 miles - again fine. Long trip home - on purpose - roads clear and a typical 40 -50 mph 7 mile journey, again fine! And again, this morning, cooolant levels as they were yesterday and 5 mile trip to order a thermostat - always handy to have a spare in any instance - fine - trip back fine! Thanks for the info, on the delaminating hose/s. As I stated earlier, I've never seen or heard the secondary fan kick in!
  6. Can someone please point me to a diagram, picture or schematic, that points out - apart from the obvious things, what is what under the bonnet of an 1992 LS400, please. Also, is the top most pulley an idler pulley, or connected to the water pump? I am confusing myself. Thanks!
  7. TBH, thought the issue had been solved - see drinking water thread. But again the, dial shot up to H on the way home from shopping this morning. Water/antifreeze was topped up at the begining of the week and levels have been fine throughout, havingh done around 70 miles or so, as has the temperature gauge. I cannot see any problems with hoses, or radiator - leaks etc, but I willl not discount this. I'll check the current levels in a mo' . So, what is it folks? (Bearing in mind I am more familiar with Saabs) In need of a reverse flush through - is there a different procedure for this, please? Dodgy thermostat? Failing secondary fan switch - haven't seen or heard it working - where is it and procedure for checking, please? Where does the overflow pipe from the expansion tank drain to - I have been unable to trace, fully? On the occassion she has dumped coolant, it has been very difficult to trace where it has come from. Thanks in advance!
  8. No water loss since the weekend - thinking that I might have a faulty thermostat. Any one concur with this?
  9. Also here in pictures on my way to removing something else. Free of charge HTH
  10. My 1992 LS400 has suddenly quite a thirst. There was a small pool of water under the vehicle, this afternoon, but I put that down to the AC, and I have just topped up - 50-50 antifreeze - my mix and used around a litre - the expansion tank was empty. I also note too, that the warning light on the dashboard never illuminated. In the past weeks I have used 5 litres. So, two questions. 1. Where would be the likely hose for a leak or split - I cannot see anything top end? - or, where else whould I be looking, please? (Please don't mention head gasket :shutit: !! ) 2. How do you service the switch at the expansion tank? It appears sealed. Thanks.
  11. Slightly off thread, but I was talking to my local friendly motor factors during the week and they told me that they actually supply replacement glasses - which they will cut down to size for the LS400. A cheaper option. HTH
  12. A few of the bulbs are out on the ACCCU. So what bulbs do I need to replace?
  13. Thanks, Stevie - there's a goldmine of a little motor factors near me, they always have parts or can source for me - better than the major large chains! Popped into the local factors. We looked up on their part books, trawled their computer, and phoned a few people - seems this is a Lexus (Toyota) part only. will look into next week - I have to pick some ordered goods from the factors up on monday, anyway, and dealership is not very far away - roadworks and bridge closures permitting.
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