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  1. Any ideas where I can pick up one of these valves??????????????????? Cheers guys!
  2. Ok pcv valve where is it located on the car and also where can I get one from? P.s The car has got 114K on the clock
  3. The lex has started to puff out blue smoke on cold start up but it only last for a second or two, any advice or any engine treatment products would be a big help to me. Cheers guys!
  4. Had my front wing kicked in by some ******!
  5. Howdy mate, Norwich isn't too far from me about 40 miles or so.
  6. I've got 1/18 Lexus IS 300, IS 350, GS 400, SC 430 and the big LS 460 I'll take some pics some time and show'em off :winky:
  7. I dont know why either but it was on the car before I got it unfortunatly.
  8. That's not too bad I was expecting it to be more than that.
  9. Moved the car out of the garage and noticed a few spots of oil on the ground so I had a look round the engine and noticed a big leak coming out around the oil filter but I just cant get my hands in to tighten it up the filter is brand new from unipart I'm guessing that this was done by the dealership I got the car from but for some reason they didn't tighten it up so I'm off to the garage tommorrow to have it fixed.
  10. click Look what I found.......... click
  11. Nice I like those rims.............looks good mate.
  12. Well a bit of good news they are sending me a replacement set free of charge :D
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