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  1. LS400 Front Suspension Refresh

    Thanks Steve, I saw that today, but are those genuine OEM bushes...some of there parts say it, others didn't..
  2. Hi all, I have been thinking about refreshing the car's suspension a bit. I was going to refresh the lower and probably the upper front arms, what is the most cost effective way of getting the OEM parts needed - I have been told you can get bushes or whole arms. Also where would be the best place to source the parts? Thanks.
  3. Hi, My Climate control LCD Backlight has stopped working, is this an easy repair, is there anyone that can help repair it? Costs involved? Thanks.
  4. Hi, My MK4 has done about 120,000 miles now, and feels a bit floaty on the motorway, I was wondering how does a new OEM struts compare to coilovers? I was looking at these: And the coilovers I was looking at was this: Car is currently on 19" Rims, but I may get some 17/18"s instead. Anything else people here recommend? Thanks.