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  1. Hiya WOW...try the ECU reset first as it costs nothing to do. The fuse is under the bonnet - look it up on the cover - take out the fuse for about 45 seconds and then replace. If this doesn't do the trick then take the car back..... Glyn
  2. Hiya Tony/Guys I did mine by taking off the indicator lens which meant I had more room. It took me about 3 minutes in total so an easy job, Thanks for the advice everyone.... Glyn
  3. Hi Guys/Girls How do I change the drivers side, side light bulb...I have been in the pouring rain for 20 minutes and given up......I know this is easy to do but only if you know PS it's a 1996 GS 300 Thanks in anticipation Glyn
  4. Lexus Stocport if so ? some things never change :o I am not at liberty to say but as I live in Stockport I would say that is a very good I wouldn't like to say in case I get sued or something and it costs me £thousands and I still have no brakes, engine oil seal, bulbs, steering rack seal, etc etc., Service man Paul ? No...woman and she wasn't called
  5. Lexus Stocport if so ? some things never change :o I am not at liberty to say but as I live in Stockport I would say that is a very good I wouldn't like to say in case I get sued or something and it costs me £thousands and I still have no brakes, engine oil seal, bulbs, steering rack seal, etc etc.,
  6. It gets worse....I asked for a quote for a cambelt change and they forgot to put this on the quotation. The other £1700 was to change an oil seal on the steering rack and a seal on some part of the engine. I wouldn't mind but they didn't notice the 12 inch triangular chunk missing out of the front bumper which would have added another £600 for new bumper and paint. They were very kind though and said I could have the brakes done first and then move onto the less serious stuff like an oil leak............Honestly you could have written a comedy sketch out of it cos I am so dry with my humour they didn't realise I was taking the proverbial.....they even employed good service manager/bad service manager routine when a colleague piped up to offer support. I said that the car only cost me a grand and they said "yes but its only done 64,000 miles" - the carpet has a big hole in it because the previous owner didn't see it necessary to have a mat on the drivers side and rested his 20 odd stone heel on it wearing a hole right through to the chassis. The back window keeps going down on its own and the back fog lights have been wired into the back lights so I had to take the bulbs out....their prognosis was that I needed two bulbs...these were sat in the armrest. The drivers seat stiching has come apart in two places (see 20 stone driver) and there are more dents in the car than on those tin cans you get at the fairground shooting ranges. All together I reckon they would have taken about £6,000 off me in the next few months or so. Oh something else they offered to do for free was to replace a number plate bulb, well actually only the labour, I had to pay for the part. I deceided to buy one and do it myself - 50p. Suppose they call this added value in their team meetings....LMAO Maybe I will get all the work done and ask them for a £7,000 part exchange on a newer model.
  7. Hi Guys/Girls how the heck do I change the bulb on the drivers side? Just tried for about 20 minutes in poring rain and had enough....can anyone help please ? PS Its a 1996 model.
  8. Took my car in for a free safety inspection last week to Lexus. When I went to pick it up they tried to charge me 1/2 labour (£47.50 + VAT) I didn't pay it. Then they gave me a report on my brakes - O/S/R Caliper seized new pads and discs needed on rear, no mention of fronts - quote £680.00 - yikes. OK so I get home and take a quick look and see the rear discs look okish but the front ones have lips bigger than Pete Burns...seems they want to take my money and then tell me that I need new fronts...Went online and got mintex pads, new discs and a caliper all for £131.52 so they reckon it costs an extra £550.00 to fit? Biggest problem is there were other items at a total of £2500 and my car is a 96 plate GS300. Then they had the nerve to look all offended when I said I would get back in touch regarding the work.....Shameless. GRRRRRRR....
  9. Cheers T7RY's great to be able to ask advice from people who know their stuff. I don't want to go too low just for it to sit nice on the alloys as it isn't a gs sport and sits up a bit. I suppose I will have around £400/£500 for lowering but that will need to include fitting as I have absolutely no mechanical skills. I notice you are from Cheshire so might know some good contacts for servicing/mechanical work etc. Feel a bit cheeky though cos I can't repay the favour really and I am used to paying for advice......
  10. Hiya Guys been offered some 17 inch IS200 215/45/17 lexus alloys and tyres - will these fit straight onto my 1996 GS 300 and also can I use the same wheel nuts that come as standard with my 16 inch alloys? Any advice keenly taken. Whilst I am on -am I best lowering my car with new shocks and lowering springs or coilovers? -what price should I expect to be paying for either option? I bow down to all your infinite wisdom Thanks Glyn
  11. Hi Guys..........getting a service done next week so have a few days to buy the parts needed. I recon I need the following but open to advice from you clever buggers out there.... Performance Air Filter (if available) Oil Filter Engine Oil Quality Spark Plugs I would prefer one supplier if at all possible just to make it a bit easier. Would also like to know if I need to lower my suspension (standard gs 300 1996 at moment) if I fit 17 or 18 inch alloys as opposed to my scruffy standard 16 inch ones. Thanks in advance - any guidance will be much appreciated..... Glyn
  12. My dad has used Ric Wood for years, since the days when he had the industrial unit next to where my dad worked. He's a really good chap & *really* knows cars, as you'll see from his site. Worth phoning for a quote. Cheers for the info...have rung Ric and got a price.....not too bad and he does seem to know his stuff !!! Will let you know total once work done. Glyn
  13. Cheers Tuff1, I have left a message for Rick so will let you know the outcome.......much appreciate the contact, Glyn
  14. Hi Guys......I have a GS 300 N Reg with 64,000 on the clock. I have phoned Lexus Stockport and been quoted £350 for a service and same again for a cam belt. Does anyone know a decent mechanic around Stockport who can sort these things out for me ? I know it's a long shot but I don't want to make a mistake and just go with anyone. Thanks Glyn
  15. Yes got full lexus history and will book in for the same service you had with my local dealer - doesn't seem a bad price including cam belt and it will keep the history up. I looked through it (service book) last night and there hasn't been a cambelt change. How do you get the discount if a member here?