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  1. WANTED: Just 1 - GS Sport - OZ Salina wheel centre cap As pictured please
  2. New "Old" Member

    The LS is a luxury cruiser whereas the GS430 is a luxury bruiser. The LS was flawless in the time I owned it. I think the Mercedes was much more stylish and also more of a status symbol than the LS
  3. New "Old" Member

    Thank you everybody.
  4. GS: Clear side repeaters

    This part no. cross-references to the Toyota Camry, Carina, Corolla and Rav4 of the same period
  5. New "Old" Member

    Hi. I'm a new/old member i.e. I joined in 2008 when I owned a LS430. I sold the car a couple of years later for a Mercedes S500 and migrated to Merc forums. I've recently bought a 2001 GS430 which I intend to keep "forever" thus signalled my return here. The GS430 which I bought last week off eBay has Lexus Owners Club Gold Member stickers. Does anybody recognise the car and maybe provide some history. Y378 MCD
  6. Mine doesn't like the cold either. The screen works but when you press "Destination" the address button is greyed out. This suggests it cannot access the disc. After 10 minutes or so it works as it should. Condensation perhaps and a bit of heat in the machine dries it out. BTW My previous car, an S Class Merc, did exactly the same.
  7. LS 430 - I'm 45 with 4 years NCB £230 fully comp with Swiftcover.com plus an extra £45 cashback by going through topcashback.com so only £185
  8. Hiya Pete. Looks like you were in your work's car park while you were doing that. :winky:
  9. Hi Guys It was the steering lock Funny because if I had been using a key it would have been automatic for me to pull the steering wheel if the key didn't turn. As for the key fob battery. Its a CR2032 which is the same battery as you'll find on the motherboard of your computer. Available from your local computer shop for around a quid.
  10. Hello Everyone - Ls 430

    It is the one you think it is but it was even cheaper than that.
  11. Hello Everyone - Ls 430

    Hello to all at LOC Just bought a 2002 LS 430 I had a GS300 a few years ago and regretted selling it so when this came up I jumped at it. It is immaculate, FSH, It has just had new tyres all round and the previous owner even paid Lexus to valet it before I collected it. All for the silly price of ....... have a guess! Winner gets an ice cream
  12. Hi Anybody help? I have a problem with the ignition switch on my 2002 LS 430. The remote key will lock/unlock the doors OK but sometimes (and getting more frequent) I can't turn the ignition switch. Either with the key in the switch or not. No warnings appear on the dash, such as, "key not detected". The switch will push in and the steering wheel moves but I can't turn the switch so obviously the car will not start. After a few minutes it decides to play ball and the switch will turn as normal and I can start the engine. Turning Smart on or off with the switch under the dash does not make a difference. Any Ideas???