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  1. Cold Air Intake Kit On Ebay

    Has anyone got a induction kit fitted on thier is220? If so which one ?
  2. Remaps

    Have you had it on tbe dyno yet to see what gains you got ? also did junction 28 do a full custom remap or just slap a generic file on.
  3. Remaps

  4. Remaps

    Afternoon ladies & Gents, I decided to dig about to clear this confusion for you all. The Is200/220 (ex20) is now remap-able. DPF also is now removable and deleted from ECU. I have confirmed this with a reputable tuner up in Bradford who i have used for many years and has successfully mapped the best of 6 cars for me so far. I will be dropping me Is220D sport off to him towards end of March. and i will post my results and figures with dyno print outs on here. prices are abit high at the moment, maybe because its only just recently been cracked. £450 for DPF deleted and Gutted + £50 if you want it remapped , add another £50 if you want it mapped using the dyno. Remap and dyno run £300, the map will be done to a figure you are happy with. (stage 1/2 ECO ) now the last couple of maps he has done have been around the 200bhp, (stage 1) but it can achieve more. He has put a video up on youtube, i shall post this link later, as i'm unable to access youtube at work. hopefully this will put a few smiles on some face.
  5. Remaps

    jordan, who did your remap on the is220d?
  6. havnt realy got 1. To be honest. Just depends on the item. Well, ive got £1000 to sort out an ice.
  7. as titled ladies n gents , im after a decent double din, a touch screen dvd player, or a normal mp3,cd player, i dont mind any, must be of good spec, has 2 be double din.
  8. !help! Is200 Wont Start !

    it was the cambelt. Which snaped. Not sure why it had snaped though.because it hadnt been long since it was done.
  9. Sold My Is200

    ive not even put the pictures up yet and already geting targeted :P tut tut I declare war ! Jap vs german. . . Hehehe
  10. Tte Sport Front Bumper

    there is car parts shope near me, they do mesh in silver , not sure on the price but i can find out for you if you want. size wise it comes in 1m by half a meter i think... but can check that aswell
  11. Sold My Is200

    the BMw needs a good clean before i get any pic up. it is realy dirty... yuck yuck. its an M5 replica in a silver/blue colour had a full face light, lowered, tinted, ice with tft headrest screens ( needs neatening up)
  12. Sold My Is200

    2000- w-Reg, s-modle just over 97k taxed and mot till april 09 manual. black rest of car was standard. i took all my ice out any eyes off. just gave the spare grill and alloys with it. the items that i got with the car when i bought it.
  13. Sold My Is200

    hey, just thought id share it , i sold my is200 at and impressive price of £4050 was up for sale for 26days on pistonheads. i returned it back to standard aswell, although i ended up spending 700 on getting the engine sorted again, i was not at loss i think the drop in fuel price help ... hehehe i know own a BMW 5Sieres... Please dont hate me :winky:
  14. hi guys as mentioned in one of my other threads, We have rolling road day booked on another forum im a memeber on. we have spaces left for another 6 cars... so thought id see if any one on here would be interested in this, i will be going along side 9 other members from here are the details ive copy and pasted over you.... if any one is interested please give me a pm so we can sort payment Hi all i was wondering if any of you would be up for a rolling road day/meet at mikeanics motorsport in congleton i have rang him he said he can do 15 cars and if we get the full 15 cars he will do it for £20 plus vat (each car) approx £24 incld vat. The address is Mikeanics motorsport 22 Silk Street Congleton, Cheshire cw12 This is the website for mikeanics think i will take full payment like neil did for the rr day we did at bolton is everyone ok with that?i will take payment as if we have 15 cars which is about 24 inc vat and if only say 10 cars go ill have to ask him weather he will want a little more money(if he does we just pay it on the day)
  15. !help! Is200 Wont Start !

    yep its the one on the 15th