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  1. You must admit... its a nice looking knob! :-) Please tell us more about this leather paint.....
  2. I had rust on my 2001 LS430 on the boot lid - around teh reg plate area. Its taken 18 months to sort out with Lexus Bradford as it has had to go in twice! I will say I have had a bad experience with these dealers. The service team has been quite rude and patronising
  3. Hi guys Just wanted to share my main dealer experience here in Bradford. 3 weeks ago, I dropped off my LS430 to the dealers for repair. In fact, it was for a repair of an original repair that they did in April. To cut a long story short, about 15 months ago, I noticed rust at the rear near my number plate. Shock horror! How can my Lexus have rust! Took it to the dealers and after 5 months wait and lots and lots of ringing by me, they agreed to fix it under their rust warranty or whatever. So took it in last April and got it done. 5 months later in Sept, the same problem started to appear with the paint bubbling. After another 4 months wait (and again alot of ringing), they agreed to fix their initial repair. That is very nice of them I thought!! So brought my LS430 in 3 weeks ago for its 2nd visit. They gave me an IS220d as a courtesy car. Dont like it at all! Absolutely useless in the slightest bit of snow. My Punto is a better drive! So far they have had it for the 3 weeks but Ive not heard from them since. Ok, in the first week, the weather was not great with the snow and ice and they did ring me early that week to say they will get it in later that week. But not heard anything since! Im very surprised! I should ring them but then I think why should I!! They have my car so they need to ring me! I find it incredible that they have pretty much ignored me for 3 weeks and I have one of their cars. What should be a 2 day repair is taking over 3 weeks! I hope they have not crashed it, or even worse someone has nicked it!! :-)
  4. I have the same problem with my LS430 (01 plate), even with a small electronic antenna on the front windscreen. Th eprevious owner was probably fed up with the reception from his original aerial and added this electronic antenna, but will little benefit!
  5. Is that the same for an LS430 (01)? Is there a switch somehere to turn off the steering wheel adjustment when you turn the key?
  6. Hi Lee To tell you the truth, I would go for the 1st one. The advert sounds as if the owner has really loved and looked after the car! The mileage on these cars doesnt matter. As usual, its how well its about how well its been looked after. Maybe I am wrong but when I see a car advert with 4 or 5 words, it makes me think the owner can not be bothered, and possibly can not be bothered to look after the car. The first advert sounds more genuine enthusiast to me. In terms of price for the first car, start with £1200 and say no-one will buy a big V8 now adays, price of petrol, we are in a recession etc..... However if the car is right, paying close to his asking price will be an investment in the long run
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply. I did not buy my 430 from Lexus Bradford (in a way Im sort of thankful I didnt based on them taking nearly six authorise a fix of a large rust spot on my boot lid and them never returning my calls!) - it was a pricate sale. Its looking like I may have to pop to Lexus after all.... (unless someone has a spare key that fits???) :-)
  8. Hi Thanks for the advice. The key that does fit the barrel does go all the way down, however no matter how I turn it (gently, firmly, pusjing in, pushing out etc), it will not move! So I persume I am back at square one!
  9. Congratualtions! That sounds incredible low mileage.... are you sure you dont mean 40,000?
  10. Hi guys Thanks the replies / ideas. The barrelled lock next to the internal boot switch looks like its in its locked position. Im not sure how that happened as up until only a few days ago I could open the boot from the internal boot switch. I have 2 keys which i thought one would fit and unlock the barrelled lock. As mentioned one key is too big to fit in the barrel (but can lock / unlock the driver's door from outside). Th eother key fits the barrel but does not turn it. To tell you the truth, Im not sure what this key is for! (any ideas??) Any suggestions on what I can do to turn the barrelled lock without an expensive trip to Lexus? Thanks
  11. Hi all Thanks for the advice. No my battery is not dead so I had a look at the internal boot able / disable lock. It looks like the lock is in the lock position which is probably why the boot is not opening from the internal switch. I have tried to put it in the unlock position with my key but strangely my key is too big to fit in!!! How strange! I can not seem to put it in the unlock position!!
  12. Hi Thanks for the reply. Ive just tried that but still the internal switch is not opening the boot. Ive seemed to have tried most if not all combinations to open the boot using that switch!
  13. Hi Guys! For some strange reason, my internal switch under the dash to open the boot has stopped working on my LS430! It has worked previously. Everything else works ie the switch on the actual boot, internal boot light etc. Just that internal switch has stopped opening the boot. Very strange. I havent done anything (I dont think!). Any thought on what I can do or check? Do I need to check any fuses and if so which one? Also I notice (and Im not sure if its connected with the above fault) that the internal bulb light on the actual boot has gone. Is this a Lexus only part or can I get it from any motor spare shop. As ever, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi Sparky Sent you a personal message - not sure if its been sent correctly. Im not too far from you (Bradford), If you want, next time you are around let me know and I can show you my 430 for your info
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