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  1. Weather still making exterior pictures a nightmare, so took some interior ones!! You will see the huge boot space filled with one trolley, and the final one is a boot extension I have had to buy! Enjoy! Steve
  2. £19245 for a 2009 car from a main dealer I thought was pretty good value....don’t know anything else about it though...
  3. It’s just a standard powakaddy bag and a fw7s trolley....once the trolley is in, there is no chance of the bag going in...!
  4. Thanks John Not sure my bag will fit into the lockers, however, good idea, will investigate! cheers Steve
  5. Right Had a decent run or two in the LS600 now and have the following thoughts for what it’s worth...😎 It looks a lot sleeker in real life and the rear window has a very low and long sweep on it, probably to get over the batteries I guess. The interior is pretty amazing, beautifully designed, especially the doors contrasting with the seats. Not entirely sure why they put the worlds cheapest and nastiest clock slap bang on top of, and in the middle of the dashboard, awful. Think they may have changed that now though! Still struggling to know when I have started it or not, especially when it starts in EV mode, accelerates without any effort or noise, no gear changes are evident at all. On the motorway I do get some wind noise which surprised me, or I may have been over sensitive to it, as I was listening for it. Sound system is a beauty, and the centre screen is easy to use and all touch sensitive. Heated steering wheel was great, its been a bit chilly in the mornings! Indicators suffer from the same malady that all my Lexus cars have had, sometimes they auto cancel, sometimes they just don’t want to I know, bizarre. I knew the boot was going to be small, however, not THAT clubs or golf trolley...not both, backseat for the clubs then! Mostly cruising on M ways and a few times around town on short journeys has returned 29mpg, will expect more on a long run, so more than happy with that. All in all, its a total joy to drive and just be in... Will post some pics as soon as I get it cleaned, should have stuck with lighter coloured cars! Cheers Steve
  6. Hi Malcolm quick reply.....its in Autotrader them....maybe you get lucky! cheers steve
  7. Life’s all about timing...😎 Lexus Swindon have one, looks a tad expensive, however, pretty sure they would do deal....👍 Not really had a chance for a decent run yet, however, off to Bath tomorrow so that’s a 150 mile round trip, looking forward to it! Good luck in your search. Cheers Steve
  8. Yep, certainly more risky than an LS, however, you can reduce the risk by following a few golden rules IMO... Don’t buy a Duoselect, get a ZF gearbox model Buy from a Maserati specialist and gets a PPI done Full history and as few owners as possible Check the MOT history Join the owners club! I ran a 430 for a few years, I had LPG installed on it as I was doing 3500 miles a month in it...only problem I remember was a starter motor needing replacing, typically a nightmare job if I remember correctly, finally let it go when a front suspension strut failed, and it wasn’t an economical fix. Will find out today what time they will deliver it tomorrow...😎😎👍👍 Cheers Steve
  9. Hi Nick Yep, the one on the Derby site, although it’s actually says Grey in the description.. .....will find out on Weds...! I have been looking at it for a while now, it started out at just over £20k, then dropped to £19993, then on Saturday I saw that it had dropped to £17994. I was actually on the rebound from a Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS that I had agreed a price on Friday, subject to viewing on Saturday morning...when I arrived to see it after a 90 minute drive, he had sold it at 1am Saturday morning two someone else who had rung him Friday night! He had emailed me via Autotrader to let me know, however, I hadn’t received it. I think everything worked out in the end though....😎😎👍👍 Cheers Steve
  10. All sorted....couldn’t find a decent RSR at the right price that wasn’t miles away, and decent bought the car at Lexus Derby....really good deal...all MOT work sorted, including 4 new tyres, 1 owner, bought from them, and always serviced by them, 1 year Lexus warranty and delivered to my house! What’s not to like! Cheers Steve
  11. Hi Nick No problem...max of £20k, that includes all associated costs, so there are a few nice looking ones out there for that money, unfortunately all to far for me to just go and have a look easily, so I have just been talking to a few dealers, got pictures and videos etc, however, they are all sticking pretty firm with the price so haven’t made a deal as yet, probably because I haven’t seen it in the flesh, so remain a bit more reticent I guess. hoping to sort a deal out by the weekend! cheers
  12. Thanks chaps....all things considered it looks like the RSR option for me....I like gadgets and something different...:-)
  13. Thanks all I think I am just trying to get my head around whether if there are two cars of similar value, mileage and condition, should I go for the RSR even though I don’t ‘need’ it, as it may hold its value better in future years, or be easier to sell when I upgrade it to a LS850 in 10 years! I do like the toys associated with the RSR option as well, and it looks cool when in use. As a footnote, not sure why I am coming up as a new member, been a member here, albeit dormant for years, having had a MK1 LS400 and a Mk4(now with my parents), and an LS430, and my wife had a IS300 Sportcross from almost new for donkeys years, she couldn’t face letting it go, so that is now with our son! Cheers Steve
  14. Hi I am currently looking at a few LS600’s and can’t make a decision on which version would be the best buy. I like the idea of the RSR option, however, I don’t actually need it, but will it hold its value better over the next few years, or maybe it’s just something else to go wrong! There doesn’t appear to be a massive differential in the market value at the moment even though the RSR option was a 9k option I think? What are people’s thoughts! Thanks Steve