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  1. Happy Birthday D17 DOW!

  2. Yes my focus had a heated front screen it was great and on a cold and frosty morning it cleared in secs. Well things i dont like about the is are there is no arm rest in mine it really needs one might fit one. Also i dont like the 1st to 2nd gear change and i think the badge in the middle of the steering wheels should be chrome but that is picky lol other than that i love it. Oh and i hated the original gear knob i think its hidious so much so i replaced it with one out of a mondeo which looks far better, has the right gate on the top and is more comfortable to use
  3. Pink one sounds like the one to use
  4. I didnt know that i stand corrected i am amazed what people know on here i learn stuff all the time.
  5. I have a parrot bluetooth kit in mine its great connect as soon as you get in the car and comes through all the front speakers. If you fit it well it looks great and all the wires and clever stuff are hidden behind the dash. Mine cost me arround £80 from
  6. Great Info i had no idea they ever rallyed an is200 how cool.
  7. Well im only 20 i still live at home, even though i work the same hours as you i can esure you that evenings and weekends provide more than enough time to play with your car. However as you so rightly pointed out i dont have to look after kids and tidy the house, but i do do my washing and ironing which takes a few hours a week even thoose these could be better used on the car hehe. The rest of my free time is spent with friends, washing my car, fitting things to my car, polishing my car, looking at new polishes and cleaning products for my car and also washing my car again lol. And all the lovely people on loc make me feel less alone as there are others that are just as ocd about cars as me. Before loc i would have thought i was the only one lol
  8. Me too i think its great in the snow you just need to drive accordingly. There is no need to drive a 5 mph just feel what the car is doing correct as you go she handles beautifully.
  9. Toyota sell 2 types firstly there is red or green. Lexus takes red as far as i know mine does a 2005 is 200 and a friend of mines does a 2000 is200 also there is one type which is for top up pre mixed and another for a new rad which is neat and would need to be mixed but im not sure what the ratio is.
  10. I have heard the cheaper units as less reliable and can cause the bulb failier warning lights to come on how ever if you are going to use these for main beam and fogs then i wouldnt worry. I cant say what they are like i went for some slightly more expensive ones for mine as i am using them for my dipped beams.
  11. Yes as your tyres wear down the circumference of your wheels change this there for changes the cars own accuracy to record true road speed.
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