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  1. Hello,. We changed to Dunlops on delivery. They are only available through a Lexus Dealer, who swapped them as part of the deal. So glad we did as they are so quiet. The tyres are, Dunlop (Made in Japan) Size 225/50RF 18 95V SP SPORT MAX Hope this helps Paul PS:- I spoke to Dunlop Technical who advised that these Run Flats can be repaired, with a patch, if punctured across the middle of the tread---which is good news. The Lexus parts dept also stated that they were not expensive at £95 each plus vat.plus fitting.
  2. Hello Nigel, We test drove many Lexus cars prior to purchase. They were all fitted with Dash Cams and they made a terrible noise at start up and shutdown. If your car is fitted with a dashcam then pretty sure this is the noise you are experiencing. Just unclip the dashcam from the windscreen and try it without. Hope this resolves your noise issue. Paul
  3. The UX is available in the UK with only two brands of run flat tyres. Bridgestone and Dunlop. Prior to purchase we had many test drives and found that the Bridgestone were extremely noisy on every UX but the Dunlop very quiet. We placed an order for the UX but requested Dunlop tyres. It arrived with Bridgestone but the Dealer ordered Dunlops and changed the tyres for us. We are very,very pleased with the low road noise. Hope this is the answer to your concerns regarding tyre/road noise. Maybe your local Lexus Dealer has a demonstrator with Dunlops you can compare. Paul
  4. In response to your comments i do not think these used UX's are customers cars for sale. The vast majority are Dealer demonstrators which have reached a certain age and or milage and put on the market at the request of Lexus GB. There are no reports on the Owners Site of any UX customer who is unhappy with their purchase. Maybe i am wrong and owners will respond with negative comments. Thank You, Paul ,
  5. Thank you John for your response.
  6. Have test driven both variants of the UX. The UX Takumi had Bridgestone tyres which we found to be quite noisey. The UX f-sport Takumi had Dunlop tyres which we found to be extremely quiet. Any UX owners experienced tyre noise?