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  1. hi all if anybody saw my is200 before i sold it then they would of seen my interior retrim it cost me £1800 but the man who did my retrim is offering to do a retrim for £800 and would take 5 days to complete you have the choice of exchange in your in terior or have your done colors avavible are red black and biege or a mix of any if anybody is intrested then please get in touch
  2. small arch rub sorted now drives gr8 next geo
  3. think they look small lol but poished is realy tempting got 2 sets and not having much look selling new set so mite send them to be polished is chromeing posible?
  4. mmmm some thing to think about iv seen the 17s polished but nover seen the 18s
  5. just had a idea of getting 18s polish ????????????? wot u guys think?
  6. not realy spending that much money on the lexus realy and keeping it untill late summer due to insurance and its my hobby dont drink or smoke so £100 ere and there so dont mis it besides the person who buys it will luv it like to finish my projects done then same on a few other cars mk 4escort with 2 ltr zetec 106 gti show standard car while i own it ill keep spending need help lol
  7. yeah only costing £100 bit more time and money lo its my 4th is and this is the only 1 iv had thats near mint not scratches dents drives ggod to just not enough power but when i finaly get my e46 m3 ill have all the power i want l
  8. how much arch did you have to do to sort any rubbing out looks low in last pic
  9. wheels are lexus 18 inch aero wheels come standard on the tte version there is a few variations of a sport model pre 2001 2001 and the tte version interior cost £1800 steering wheel going to be trimmed when iv got time mite sell car fpr right price lol
  10. approx 70mm not sure what effect the 19 inch wheels will have tho there is room to go lower interior was made by a guy called Ian cherry bassed in nottingham
  11. yes both set equal but road isnt even same gap between tyre and arch on front and back
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