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  1. Happy Birthday is300_dino!

  2. i've had this same problem, very very intermittent and not happened for months and so never got to work out what causes it to keep opening. if you do ever find whats causing this problem can you let us know the outcome.
  3. yes indeed they do the thinner the tire the better anyone got any 2cv citreon wheels to prove it? wide tires are yellow snow poor lol
  4. erm......Do you want to borrow a 4x4 Hilux can we all borrow it please mat
  5. well its arrived in reading got a fair few inches already its above the splitter so no go for my baby. legs get ready!
  6. ive got efi relay problems as well, blimin weather, and me central ocking given up as well now, efi relay is just in front of battery fyi.
  7. located the faulty relay its efi relay, 20 quid from toyota/lex, 10quid on ebay,the bay it is then
  8. had nothing was completely dead i put new battery on and the starter relay started going mad kept clicking on off sounds, put key in iggy turned her over and came back to life but ican still hear it click on first 2 keyturns, how much is new relay gunna cost, or anyone got an unused good one let me know. have a good night all sorry i not been around for a while, 2010 it will all be different. ha!
  9. my 300 has not started this morning will it just be replacement battery or new starter motor as well? any one hazard a guess? thanks at work all day now so have to ty sort it tommorow Dean
  10. can you let me know as well please asi, been after one for a while now, thanks for the heads up :)
  11. i seem to remember a discussion on this a few months ago mate but cant remember what the outcome was try having a search wouldnt of thought it be that far back.
  12. put the wire so that it comes up from the carpet about half way in the middle of the chair then it should have a pretty much equal distance to travel in each direction, shouldn't end up with to much excess that way mate.
  13. check the backing plates behind the brake disc's again matey sounds like it could be one of them rubbing they tend to get quite out of shape even tho you grinded it down. worth a doing as it wont cost to push them out again. failing that tighten up all the bolts on the callipers? other than that im out of ideas mate.