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  1. I'd grab those wheels if I were you and get them referbed.
  2. Ok. I'm new to the 430's. This means I'm open to all things new learning about my new car. I can read a manual ... and follow it. When it takes a book of well over 100 pages to tell you how the satnav works you might forgive me for getting just a little bit bored ... finally after about 30 odd minutes I did manage to understand how to set the unit to home... well done I thought .. now I just have the rest to learn .. .. .. ZZzzzZZZZzzz I'm with Tom Tom and have been for years. True, Tom and I have fallen out at times and almost come to blows on occasions. He has led me up the garden path, down an ally that was just wide enough for a bicycle, once into oncoming traffic and another time around in hopeless circles. I can forgive Tom all those transgressions because the manual is just 2 pages thick. This is because the rest is pretty much self explanatory .. .. I find the system in my car to be the most caffangled system I ever did see. Its a millennium behind the cheapest modern systems from Tom, Garmin and Navman. Now the previous owner has updated the maps in my car so its not old mapping I have. I do feel that the base software such as it is, is very old. I have several countries on the system too. Hey, guess what? I got the Vatican City! Yay! And San Morino. Luck me. What I dont have is a command for France or Belgium but the system seems to know Im in these places and tells me that I am crossing a border but trying to set an address and the system gets haplessly lost and seem to just want to understand English spellings to French addresses as the possible input letters are somehow computed in English and the letter options just arent there and so the system just freezes. Its laughable .. .. .. so long as you dont have to rely on it that is. From the get go Ive failed to trust this system and I was happy I had Tom with me to sort out my navigation needs. The bottom line as far as my opinion goes is that the system in the 430s is really antiquated junk. Hopelessly out of date in every way and as Lexus want £160 for up-dated mapping, remember, this does not up-date the operating system which you would need to do to bring some modern relevance to the system. This is one customer that would prefer to buy a whole new modern unit of any manufacture than buy new stuff for a tacky old system. Its a shame that the screen cant be replaced with a Tom unit but there are so many other features that are controlled through this screen. Id be glad to hear what the rest of you think. Snaps
  3. Hi all. I took out the steering tilt motor and tested it. It looks like my one is a gonna. Before I order a new one I'll get to an auto sparks and seek advice as this is the kind of component you'll never get a refund on so best to be sure. What I have done when I replaced the motor is to set it a comfortable adjustment for me. This means I can comfortably get in and out of the car. After driving 200 miles today I can say that it works very well like this. I'll fix the motor but it's far from necessary now I've set the tilt angle. The in and out action actually makes for much of the tilt as it does come at you from an angle and I've had no problems finding a comfortable seating position. Anyway here are the photos I took. I’ve also posted some comments. I haven’t clue how to upload this to the site for future reference so any help with that would be useful. Snaps
  4. It looks like I must reluctantly concede on this little project. Im sure it can be done but I'm supposing you'd need to get into the ECU and get to the firmware to find the switch. I need a pal at a Lexus dealership for the inside track on this. So no quick fix here. I'm going to get out the dash and see if I can get at that LED and perhaps take it out or just tape over it. Whatever the result is I won't be looking at it for much longer.
  5. hi. I've heard both good and bad about those blokes. Ask if you get a flashlube kit fitted for your £1300 Perhaps you could do me a favor. when the job is done, nip under the car with your camera and take some detailed pictures of the job. I'd really like to see their finished product. Thanks. Snaps I Will gladly pop some pics of my LS400 converted to lpg by Profess Gas tomorrow. Regards Mike Will have to be tomorrow now, promise. Not enough hours in the day. Mike Here we go as promised Well I am stopped in my tracks as I dont seem to be able to upload pictures to the site. What a shame. Mike I dunno how to do post pictures into the site either. It's a secret known to only to a lucky few who gaurd it for coming generations of Lexi owners! Snaps
  6. hi. I've heard both good and bad about those blokes. Ask if you get a flashlube kit fitted for your £1300 Perhaps you could do me a favor. when the job is done, nip under the car with your camera and take some detailed pictures of the job. I'd really like to see their finished product. Thanks. Snaps
  7. Hi. Would anyone here know how to shut down the tyre pressure warning system on a LS430 Not reset. Total shut down. thanks Snaps
  8. Hmm, getting nowhere fast here. Is there any other models that have this system? If so I'll go into one of the other groups and annoy them a while :) Snaps
  9. Whatever you do you "MUST" use one of these fitters on this site or you may have a big problem finding an insurance company that'll insure you. I'm with Groupama and they kicked up one hell of a stink .... read on You MUST ALSO TELL YOUR INSURANCE THAT YOU HAVE A SYSTEM FITTED AS THIS IS A MODIFICATION. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS YOUR INSURANCE MAY USE THIS AS A COP OUT FOR NOT PAYING YOU OR ANY DAMAGE YOU MIGHT CAUSE. EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ASKED THIS WHEN TAKING THE POLICY. THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE. I wrote my 400 off a few weeks ago and my insurance gave this a go. I told them to get stuffed as I had a new safety certificate on the car and argued that as long as I had a valid "MOT" on the system and as I am not directed to any specific MOT testing station neither should I be directed to a specific fitter. After a real time very angry argument they gave in and said they would pay out..... After this very heated discussion with the underwriter I got another phone call telling me much to my surprise that my car reg WAS on that site. WoW I never knew. So watch your back and do it right. I'll be the best money you'll ever spend and as the 430 loves a drink you'll get your money back quicker. I don't know of any system that is bad. I've had Zavoli's on both my cars over 5 years and it's worked well - On closing it seems that the insurance companies seem to use this website. I hate this way of working because imo it restricts competition which I hate. Also these companies have little self knowledge of how this stuff works and in blissfull ignorance, right or wrong they cop out and use this site above and if you ever have the chance of talking to your insurance about this i promice you you will understand the level of total ignorance I am trying to convey. Snaps
  10. Yea I know. Really dumb. :( but I've never had a problem I couldn't fix ... just a question of how much
  11. Hi. Yep I've seen this vid. No use to me right now. The 430 is a totally different car from the 400. The only simularity is the badge on the boot lid. thanks Snaps
  12. Are you sure that you can't get to the other screws by turning the steering wheel? I assume its the shroud that you need to remove to expose the motor. The wheel doesn't have to come off on the LS400. Steve. The 400 is not the same car. Thanks
  13. Hi. The up n down steering column motor has packed up on me today. I've been under and looked and see only one screw. Now the bloke at Lex said there were 3. He was right. The other 2 are .... YESSSSS you guessed hidden behind the steering wheel. Thanks a bunch!! This means that the steering wheels needs to come off. To do this I first need to dissarm the air bag system. Is there anyone on this site that has that kind of knowledge and can walk me through this? I have just about every tool known to mankind so once the airbag is dissarmed and the wheel is off the rest isn't any big deal. If there's anyone reading this that has such a motor collecting dust please get in touch. thanks Snaps
  14. The system can be deactivated. Totally. I just need to find out how to do it. Taking out the bulb does not do it because you still get a read out on the dash as well as the warning triangle which is very irritating and in-ya-face.
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