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  1. kenfoxy

    Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    If you do need to get it done, I would get it done by Lexus as it is such a critical component. If they mess it up then you have far better come back than a local garage. However, shop around because not all Lexus dealers charge the same.
  2. kenfoxy

    Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    Definitely get it done. If you get Lexus parts it will only cost about £35 for the belt and £65 for the tensioner. Because I was dubious about letting an independent do such a critical job, I got Lexus to do it. Cost £300 all in including collection and return. They checked the idler and water pump and said they were OK.
  3. kenfoxy

    Baby car seats

    When the seat belt is under tension the buckle distorts as it bends on the side of the child seat. If child seats weren't so big it wouldnt be a problem.
  4. kenfoxy

    Baby car seats

    I should have explained. The IS200 has a seat belt buckle which sits high up above the car seat. When you fit the child safety seat the buckle rests alongside it. In the event of an accident the stress on the buckle could cause it to fail.
  5. This is crazy. I have an IS200 without isofix and I have so far been unable to find a child seat, group1, that will safely fit into the car. I even tried Lexus who could offer no solution. Can anyone offer any help?
  6. kenfoxy

    Avon Zv5

    Never heard of these but bought one anyway for the rear. It is a quiet tyre and doesn`t spin its inside wheel as much as the fk452 on the other side. Cost about £90 fitted . So far so good. It replaced a P7000 which was terrible.
  7. kenfoxy

    Cambelt Change

    I've had my cambelt and tensioner changed, as per schedule, and have now a quieter engine,as in far less top end noise. Has anybody else had this or can explain it?
  8. kenfoxy

    Cambelt Change

    Checked with Lexus. They changed the belt (£65), tensioner (£35). I queried the idler and was informed that they don't change the idler unless there is a problem on inspection. I'm happy with that as they would not want to guarantee the job if the idler was worn or liable to failure.
  9. kenfoxy

    Cambelt Change

    Did you change your 3 front belts as well? They say mine are worn but they look OK to me. (66k and 12 years old). The re are no frayed edges or splits. Looks an easy job to do so might get the parts on line (£22 delivered).
  10. kenfoxy

    Cambelt Change

    Got car back. Roughly £200 labour, £100 parts.They also gave my car a health check. The undertray has gone missing during the past 12 years - £257.35 to replace. I knew about the wear on the tyres and the front pads. Front pads and discs - £282.90. Get those done locally when the time comes. Think I'll pass on the undertray. Can't complain about the service.
  11. kenfoxy

    Cambelt Change

    Decided to get mine done at Lexus Liverpool. They quoted me £300 inc vat including the tensioner and idler. I live 10 miles away and they will pick it up and return it free of charge. Thought that was pretty good and I and future buyers can get the reassurance that it is a guaranteed job with Lexus parts. I had a bad experience once with an independent that messed up a "major surgery" job on a Toyota. No problem with independents doing servicing.
  12. kenfoxy

    Time To Change The Timing Belt?

    Just had a qoute from Lexus Liverpool for cam belt, tensioner and idler - £300 inc vat. Waiting for local independents to quote but can`t see it being much less.
  13. kenfoxy

    Cambelt Change

    At 6 years old and 45k miles had my cambelt etc changed by Lexus. Car is now 12 years old but only done 66k miles. So only 21k miles since last cambelt. Does the 6 year rule still apply if Lexus fitted new parts in 2007? Hopefully, the new parts were improvements on the originals.
  14. kenfoxy

    Still Going Strong

    Mine is nearly 12 years old (70k) . Everything original except for tyres battery pads and one shock absorber. Had a good look underneath whilst the tracking was checked. Very little rust and has never been undersealed.
  15. kenfoxy

    Best Fuel To Use Is200/300

    Wouldn't claim a noticeable difference between 95 and 99 petrol. My nearest station is a Tesco and as I wouldn't use Tesco 95, because of historical bad fuel issues, I use the Momentum stuff instead. I know it is more expensive than, say, Shell but by the time I have taken extra travel to Shell and Clubcard points, Tesco wins.