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  1. Hi guys does anybody know the correct denso lambda sensor for a IS200 sport year 2000?(direct fit) i have the fault code P0135 bank 1 sensor 1 after looking online and the denso website there seems to be more than one sensor which will fit🤔 DOX-0231 DOX-0205 DOX-0236 is listed for is300 but matches my car reg when I search?? Are the old ones hard to remove if yeah any good tips? Thanks Karl
  2. Happy Birthday FLEXUS K!

  3. Front Brake Dust Guard

    Hi mate. My O/S/F guard also almost fell off and was catching on the disc.it was that loose that when i jacked the car up to investigate the noise it fell off as i grabbed it. my mate who used to be a lexus tech said it wont be a problem as its quite a big job to replace. mine fell of last autumn and all seems ok. cheers Karl
  4. Dash Switch Removal

    alright guys thanks for the advice. not too sure mate gonna have a way up this weekend while its light. yeah i was thinking it might be easier to push the switch out from behind so i dont damage the dash/switch trying to prise it out. thanks again cheers Karl
  5. Hi guys i,ve noticed the bulb in my head light adjuster switch is not working. how do i remove the switch and what type of bulb is it? my car is a IS200 sport on an X plate. thanks in advance Karl
  6. Radiator Fans

    Hi guys problem solved. left the car ticking over and only the left hand fan (passenger side) was working. the plug on the drivers side fan was not fully connected. now when i turn the A/C on both fans come on instantly as i thought in the first place. the fact the drivers fan was not fully plugged in must have been causing the left fan not to come on with the A/C. cheers for the advice Karl
  7. Radiator Fans

    Hi mate thanks for checking. i was pretty sure that when you turn the A/C on they turn on. i,ll have to get them checked out. not had time yet to leave it running to check the fans come on. after arriving at work left it for 5 mins and no fans although temp gauge has been normal. cheers again Karl
  8. Radiator Fans

    hi mate yeah i,ve checked the connections and both seem ok. im gonna leave it running tomoz and check if they cut in.normally they come on within ten minutes of idling in slow traffic. could do with somebody turning the A/C on and checking if any of the fans come on. cheers Karl
  9. Radiator Fans

    Hi steve thanks for the reply. i did think that today about the outside air temperature the car was showing 7 degrees outside today. im pretty sure though when i used to turn the A/C on at least one fan would come on instantly no matter what air temp. i,ll be keeping an eye on the gauge im O.C.D when it comes to my car. :) cheers Karl
  10. Radiator Fans

    Hi guys can anybody confirm that when you turn the A/C on the radiator cooling fans come on no matter what the engine temp is? the reason i ask is i,ve just had a cam belt change (by a lexus tech) and today i was sat in traffic for a while and although the temp gauge stayed where it normally sits the fans never cut in after being in traffic for about twenty mins. when i got home i opened the bonnet and turned the A/C on and no fans. im pretty sure they used to turn on with the A/C Instantly. im thinking since the belt change something is not right although the heater/ A/C is working ok and the temp gauge sits just below the middle where it always sits. cheers Karl
  11. Front Disk Brake Guard

    hi steve2006 car is a IS200 sport on a x plate (2000) cheers mate Karl
  12. Front Disk Brake Guard

    Hi guys On my way home from work my driver,s side front disk brake guard had come loose and was catching on the disk. i took the wheel off to have a look and the guard has completely fell off due to rust. will it be ok to still use the car until i can replace it? is it more off a dust guard or a heatshield? does anybody know the part number? cheers Karl
  13. Alloys Being Refurbished

    hi guys has anybody used px wheels in blackpool? how is the quality and will the corrosion eventually come back as i,ve had my wheels done before and it only took about 18 months before it returned?(no kerb damage). are aftermarket alloys a better option? cheers Karl
  14. Slight Radiator Leak

    looks like it will be a new copy rad then.how come the core size is different though? quite a big difference between 16mm and 27mm core. i,ve been told there all the same apart from auto box ones which are a bit cheaper.
  15. Slight Radiator Leak

    Thanks for the advice guys. i,ve got a couple of quotes today- lexus £260 a1 radiators £130 are the copy radiators ok and is there any difference or fitting problems? cheers again guys ps i,ll buy the toyota ready mixed coolant.