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  1. Thanks Michael, yes I have sms option on in BT on the phone, deleting everything and starting from scratch sounds like a idea I'll give it a try. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply David
  2. Thanks for the reply Connoisseur, my S7 is compatible with all the options regarding messages and I have all the necessary items turned on but still nothing, everything else is there ( contacts/favourites ) etc, but no option for messages.
  3. Hi can anyone help me, try as I might I can't get messages to display with my Galaxy S7, I have all the appropriate setting on the phone and car enaabled as suggested on this forum but still nothing. Anybody any ideas. Thanks
  4. I bow to your superior knowledge CB, my low mileage and tendency to use regen. braking maybe the reason for the attention to the brakes.
  5. You're correct, my mistake the coolant was not changed, but on reading the schedule more closely it would appear they changed the rear dif. oil, that's a first.
  6. Had a 2nd service on my GS last month, it included oil, brake, coolant change and all 4 brakes stripped cleaned and greased, so rather more than a few visual checks but as you say still pricey at the best part of 5 hundred.
  7. Olliesgranddad No I don't do many miles, the GS as done less than 14000 in two years, that is possibly why the brakes were cleaned and greased. I must get out more.
  8. Had 2nd service on my GS this week, it included " front and rear brakes stripped cleaned and greased " I can't recall this been done on any previous service, is this related to the problem of sticking calipers do you think?.
  9. Hi Mike, I've purchased 3 Lexus's from Carlisle always a good experience. Nice specd. model you have there, enjoy.
  10. You lucky lucky lucky b******d, I test drove the same model last week in the Scottish borders, it is a very special car. Enjoy D
  11. Hi Alan, if you're used the full indicator mode it sould cancel itself, I use this method, if I'm turning right at a roundabout full indicator, then as I pass the second junction tap down twice to cancel full mode then set overtaking mode to exit. Using overtaking mode in the opposite direction will cancel a full indicator. Hope this makes sense. D
  12. Hi M, I put the original post up in 14, are you pressing the start button twice to light the dash up fully?. It is as you say the manual wipe position of the wiper arm. Maybe hold for a good 10 sec., I set my GS300h 12 months ago and it worked fine. It can take a few trys for it to work. D
  13. It looks more complicated than it actually is Barry, go on man have a go.
  14. Good grief is it almost 4 years since a posted that topic, times are flying guys.
  15. All the lamps on my 2017 GS are LEDs except the front indicators, as anyone replaced these for LEDs?. LEDs are much more visible.