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  1. All the lamps on my 2017 GS are LEDs except the front indicators, as anyone replaced these for LEDs?. LEDs are much more visible.
  2. I have a 2017 GS, if you hold down the lock button and press the unlock button twice it disables the fob, I'm not sure when this feature was introduced but worth a try.
  3. Dixgas

    Smug or What

    Following the latest news regarding the possibility of banning diesels from some city centres, are you hybrid drivers feeling a little smug today?, I know I am.
  4. I have mk4 GS ( 2017 ) with the single LED head light and find them a improvement on my previous IS with xenon which were pretty good in themselves. D
  5. Hi Steve I just assumed it was the same as my previous 3 IS's and I would close it with a firm push, I discovered by accident when my pressure wasn't hard enough and I was amazed to see it close itself. Great feature.
  6. After having my GS 300h all of 8 months I've just found that the boot as a soft close function ( if it doesn't latch fully it closes it's self ) I've not seen any reference to this in the handbook, anybody else noticed this?.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply James, it seems to have resolved itself, my last 4 uses has resulted in it connecting automatically again, it really is a baffling system. D
  8. After 5 months with my new GS I now find my phone does not connect to the car automatically, I can connect manually via the add screen and the phone setting, any thoughts anyone?. I haven't changed any settings on the car or phone. D
  9. You beat me to it capese21, first thing I did on collecting my GS in Jan., took about 5 mins. D
  10. Thanks Peter/Mark The auto GMT/BST was off, wouldn't you think the handbook would mention there was clock adjustments in the general setting. Thanks again. D
  11. I can't, looking through the manual find a way to change my GPS controlled clock to BST, any ideas anyone. D
  12. Rayaan Yes every time, really annoying, I have the 12in screen and normally have the map on the larger of the split screen and what the engine/battery is doing on the smaller, I will try your idea with the map on the small segment. D
  13. Amit If when the safety screen is displayed you press the map button, it will open without the menu. not a fix but better than fiddling with the mouse. D
  14. Hi Amit I have the same issue on my new GS it drives me nuts, hope someone as a answer. D
  15. Sorry if I'm boring you guys but I love this car, had a little spin in the lakes to today and tooks these pics. The lake is Loweswater.