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  1. Westfillia has no tow bar to fit GEN4 SUV, tried them weeks ago. 😞
  2. Thanks for replys everyone, but the gen 3 tow bars do not fit the new model, I need someone who has a GEN 4 car to come forward unfortunately and tell me what type of tow bar is fitted. its very disappointing that no tow bar companies so far as I can find list one to fit the GEN 4 RX450h. someone must have one fitted?
  3. Hi, i want a tow bar fitted to my gen4 RX 450h, have been to my local tow bar fitting company's and none of them have a tow bar kit even listed on the systems. i can get one from Lexus for £1200 but that's a lot of money for what normally is about £300-£400 I paid on my old rx400h. does anyone have a supplier I can get one from?? did try the search function on here but was useless, so sorry if it's already been mentioned before, apologies many thanks
  4. Hi i know you said your sunroof isn't leaking BUT on our old rx400h we had the exact same wet area and in the rear pillar looking in the top left hand corner when the boot is open, the water never leaked dip,dip into the car but was running down inside around all down the L/H/S of the car in two main areas. it all came from the sunroof, our external rubber seal around the sunroof were all cracked and hard. also with our car being damp, the front windscreen was soaking ever cold day when starting up in the morning.
  5. 66 plate 450rx f sport fully comp with wife added £430 direct line. Hundred pound cheaper than any insurance company on confused/meerkat etc.
  6. unless someone has tried it and has been successful cleaning the dash with chemicals I'm not prepared to risk it at the moment. It would be good to hear from others on the forum about how they clean there dash. with my other cars I don't have to worry as not leather looking and with such a big area it could end up a disaster :-(
  7. Many thanks for the advice ill order some of that dodo cleaner/sealant shortly
  8. Hi all gen 4 rx450h owners when I brought the car from lexus they told me to just wipe with a clean micro fibre cloth very lightly. which we have been doing but there are a few light scuff marks where the kids throw there bags in from school by the passenger front compartment glove box. i haven't tried anything on it at all yet, just wanted to ask other owners with same dash as it easily marks. also while I'm on the cleaning theme I use AUTOGLYM Leather cleaner on the car front seats but sadly it's not very good at removing the blue dye off them from our jeans, so before I try anything else, what do you use to remove the blue dye. many thanks and seasons greetings paul
  9. Hi So we connect our Iphone up to the car on WIFI using the personal Hotspot method on our iphone and we enjoy google search and info features on lexus menu. now I've read but haven't been able to do this myself yet, that by holding down the "off hook button" on your steering wheel for a couple of seconds you can talk to SIRI Via your IPhone i.e. Reply to last text message and dictate a message and send etc. all I get is my call history. our text messages come through the car to read but I would like the option to send a reply whilst not taking my hands of the wheel, thus use Siri to do it for me. that goes for anything else Siri can do for you whilst driving and not being distracted. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  10. I've just come back from collecting my son from hospital in 6-8 inches of snow. no issues and was very enjoyable in fact with winter tyres fitted. it was great moving around abandoned cars on the road. I felt safe and being a responsible driver getting my family home
  11. Well guys as you may be aware there is now a lot of snow around and I can confirm that RX 450h f sport on winter tyres is absolutely fantastic. i had to collect my son from hospital this morning after his over night operation, so it was an essential test of the car. we overtook many abandoned cars on route and even managed a 40% gradient climb up a local hill. 8 inch's of snow where we are and the car never missed a beat, it felt firmly planted to the road. it was an essential trip so as far as I'm concerned well worth the investment as now know I can believe all the hype about these tyres. It was well worth it.👍🏻
  12. This is very common, we had it on our old Rx400h, once a year I spent about 30mins painstakingly removing it all, I just used a very thin piece of cloth pushed into the gap with a tiny plastic tool (came in a kit with a replacement iPhone screen) and just keep moving around the edges repeating over and over again. it all came out, till next year😂
  13. Thanks for the replies, just an update after Lexus quoted me £659 for a pair, whilst in for its 10K service today and having winter tyres fitted I get an email from the service manager see I ring him back and say yes please 😀 £200 plus VAT fitted. very happy with their customer service also as we had a loan NX300 dropped off as a loan whilst they had our car, which they collected and brought back to our home round trip 85 miles away. also got them to change the colour of panoramic view car from grey on the display to our colour "Blue" and new rear door seals FOC under warranty. Apart from that the car has been faultless 👍🏻 Good morning Mr G--------- We have a set of side plates in stock that we removed from a showroom vehicle before it was sold. I can offer these to you at a drastically reduced price. Please would you call me and I can discuss the deal? If you are busy this morning, Email me back if you get the message first. Kind regards
  14. Just an update really, winter tyres fitted at Lexus whilst having its 10K service, Yokohama W drive. lexus will store original tyres and swop over for free for the first year then £100 each year, or I'll have them back and store myself once I find some other rims at a competitive price.