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  1. I think those Audi Knight Rider style indicator lights are the dog's danglies
  2. I posted a link up there ^^^ on how to remove the stereo on the 430. This also involves removing said wooden panel
  3. Yeah, once the panel is removed, I would push the switch back into place and put some superglue along the edges
  4. This might help
  5. I'm not sure how this works on the 430. I bet google or youtube will have the info you need
  6. I reckon you'll have to remove the wooden panel so you can have access to the back
  7. See my post about the bottom ball joints. I would get both replaced ASAP to avoid possible catastrophic failure
  8. I'm used to the Ls400. This new thingy doesn't have enough buttons on the dash
  9. Congrats. Looks very nice. Hope you have many miles of trouble free motoring
  10. Now with the new ball joints fitted I can tell the warning signs from what I initially thought were down to something else. - Steering was jerky/heavy at times. Like having lack of power steering fluid. - Wheel wobble at 60-65mph. Like in need of balancing - When hitting the brakes she pulled to the left. Like having a sticky caliper All these issues are now gone.
  11. That's it all fixed again. 2 new ball joints fitted and what a difference that made!!
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