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  1. I started this topic years ago, and the car was genuinely a curse for the last two years I owned it. I swore at that point to never get another car with a DPF. The next car I got was a 2008 Merc EClass, purely based on the fact they were the last model with no dpf. Then, when I changed that, got a lexus IS300H (petrol hybrid) But what I can't understand, in the years that have passed since, is why the hell ANYONE is buing diesel cars. They don't work for 90% of people, they pollute, they don't cost any less to run. But the whole country STILL seems to be in love with diesel. Why???
  2. and also, further to the above, if I do install the latest version (VD12104B), will it be compatible with my car (currently on VC03101B) - I have a IS 300h SE PS COMP P-NAVI with LEXUS PREMIUM NAVIGATION GENERATION 1, and what improvements will it give over the version I have? Thanks!
  3. Hi Colin - yeah, it's the thud noise - definately worth getting checked out!
  4. Cheers Colin I tried to get a video to catch the noise - there is a bit of gear changing noise in the car, but it's the noise on braking when reversing (remember, this is the noise from in car, with all wondows closed, so isn't insignificant!) You'll need to turn your speakers up to hear it - would appreciate any comments if anyone thinks this isn't a normal noise, and I should get it looked into (car came like this from the Lexus dealer when I bought it 11 days ago! - I just assumed it was normal!) IMG_6227.MOV
  5. Hi All - just got a new (to me) 2014 IS300h - I assume, from the attached screenshots, that I'm very out of date here? For those who know their stuff on this, what versions should I be using?
  6. Thanks all - I'd call it more of a click or quiet knock, so definately something worth looking into.
  7. Thanks Nemisis - anyone else ever had this with their 300h?
  8. Hi all - recently changed from an ECLass to an IS300H - am really really impressed with the car, and really happy with it - however, I do have one niggle which may (due to the braking system also harvesting energy) be perfectly normal - but thought it best to check! This never happens when driving forwards, but when reversing (even at very low speeds) and applying the brakes, there is a distinct and quite loud noise from the rear (i think) brakes - is this a normal thing for a 300h? Thanks!
  9. Hi Dave Cheers for that. However, I'm completely certain, having had the car for 5 years, that until about a month ago, the drivers handle DID open all doors... it only changed when one day I give the wife the keys to get something out of the car, and she must have pressed buttons on the fob in a certain order and re-programmed it... So I am hoping someone knows how to reprogramme it back! RE the bleep - yeah, I knew the dealer could do it, but, again, was hoping it was just a matter of press this, then press and hold this, then press both of these together type thing, and it was just a matter of knowing the secret combination that the dealers use.
  10. Hi Everyone - quick question that probably has a quick answer - hopefully someone can help. Previously, (as long as I had the key in my pocket) I could just walk up to the car (a 2006 IS220D) put my hand on the door handle and all doors would open. In my case very handy, as often I'll have a child in my arms, and the mrs will be wanting to get into the passenger seat etc. Recently, though, the car has decided to only open the driver door when I do this - very inconvenient, as I then have to start digging in pockets for the keys while holding a baby, while the wife is shouting "open the door" at me if it's raining :D Does anyone know how to fix this easily, so that putting my hand on the driver handle will automatically open all doors? Also, while I'm here, I would much prefer it if the car produced some kind of audio indicator (a beep, for example) when I lock it - is there any way to turn this functionality on? Thanks all!!!
  11. no - he mentioned with some cars he can hook up a laptop and do a force clean while the car is driving, but not with a lexus - still, hopefully the dpf cleaner and the now 2 drives at consistant high revs will have given it a good clean out! power enhancer also have some interesting looking products I may give them a call to have a chat about, as they seem very knowledgable and helpful.
  12. So, an update... cleaned the egr and got a friend with a scanner to check things out - it was a p2002 - Particulate Trap Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) - I had put in the diesel additive in a couple of days ago, and since that, the period before limp mode was kicking in was getting longer and longer, and after cleaning out the egr valve it went away totally and has not came back since (with approx 50 miles covered) - I gave it a good run toinght - 10 miles in lowish revs, then 20 doing 60 in second at 4500 revs, so that should have given the dpf a good clean out. Have also bought Forte DPF cleaner and regenerator so will put the bottle of it through as well on my next refuel - but hopefully that's it for me and "below threshold" just meant it was a bit clogged up, not that it was screwed! Lesson to learn, though - some diesels are dirty - make sure to use additive cleaners semi regularly, and take the car for a good dpf regenerating burn up at least once a month, and hopefully that'll keep me right from now on!
  13. on another note, on re-reading the result of all my searches last night, one interesting thing that came up is that not one single person who got the "check VSC" fault actually had anything wrong with their VSC! Seems a strange fault to come up!
  14. Hi Flavio! Interestingly, I got the wheels aligned on Friday, and this issue came up on Sunday - I wonder could it be they're badly aligned? Seems unlikely! I did check all levels tonight - oil is slightly high, but only a few mm over the top dot. Coolant is fine (but was low recently and needed topped up - all other levels fine. Someone who I thought had replied here earlier (???) mentioned to check for droplets in the coolant resevoir, and there does appear to be a little condensation in it - they also mentioned to check for white sludge inside the oil cap, but it's as clean as a whistle. Booked in for a egr clean tomorrow, and have thrown a bottle of this in a tank of fuel, so hopefully that will help clear things out a bit and the error will disappear (fingers crossed!) - I have been doing a lot of town driving recently - probably haven't done any more than 3 miles in a single journey for about a month and a half, so hoiping it's just a clearable build up!
  15. hi paul yeah, same for me! bought a lexus because of the famed reliability! i will say though, that some (though only those with a full lexus service history) do appear to get the extra warranty! if you did get a fix, would be nice to hear about it here in the interest of keeping a resource of solutions all in one place.