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  1. hi all ive managed to source a genuine lexus towbar for my is200 and wonderd if anyone knows of a link that would help me fit it at all..any help appreciated thanks
  2. does anyone know where i can get a set of lexus six spoke alloys for the is200 i think they come with the lexus styling kit...any help appreciated thanks
  3. Jomo how simple is that its superb and wont break either...thanks for the link just need to source the clip now thanks again for the reply
  4. hi all the bonnet support clip on the underside of my bonnet has broken(99 is200) and i wonderd if anyone knows of one either new or secondhand ive tried lexus but no luck.any help appreciated thanks
  5. run dunlop sport 2000a on mine got them 2 weeks ago £330 fitted for all four..
  6. great thanks for the reply...just out of curiosity do you know what they are usually advertised under on ebay...thanks for your help
  7. hi all im after the name of the 6 spoke lexus alloys that are simular to the standard is200 wheels ie 99/2000 but without the gaps in the spokes..i believe these come with the sport pack/kit or something...also can someone tell me if these are a rare alloy to find if not where would be the best place to look for a set..thanks in advance
  8. thanks for the be honest id trust people on here far more than on ebayhence the reason for trying here mistake with regards to the extra post so thanks to the mods for clearing it up
  9. hi all can anyone help after a origional is200 w reg 6 cd stereo must be in good working order and sensible price please must be a bottom loading cd ....would consider another double din stereo too,any help much appreciated thanks
  10. hi all i really want to replace my lexus is200 stereo with another as the dreaded error3 has come up,if possible id like to replace it with another of the same as i feel the sound quality is pretty good,the question is mine has a tape deck at the top and cd at the bottom but searching ebay i can only find them the other way round if you get my drift..and wondered if these are still compatible with the wires i have in place thanks
  11. thanks for the reply stewie,your right buying a secondhand one i could have the same scenario again in a week,...gutted as i felt the system although not the best it gave a quality sound output
  12. hi all,ive had the dredded error3 up on my lex sport 99 stereo so i assume its now shot or can it be fixed?if its shot can someone please tell me the best place to start looking for a second hand one or if someone on here has one for sale that would be even better thanks
  13. im with you sparky just not my thing either