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  1. only one word can descibe it: AWESOME ! . . . . i want one now !
  2. green flag for me absolutly first class service needed them twice, both times for blowouts. they were with me within 20 and 35 minutes. i'm still waiting for the AA to turn up over 5 years ago...............
  3. isn't that the grill that craig (jac114) had on his mk1 send him a PM as he might have some piccies of it :winky:
  4. alltezza scott............... look in the sponsors at the bottom of the main page just had a look on his offers and in march he had some tanabe lowering spring for sale and he's just down the road from you as well BR jay
  5. congratulations scott more sleepless nights
  6. have you tried scott. he might be able to help he sometimes can get hold of decent stuff :winky:
  7. it seems that i'm following you steve, as i'm acually in the process of removing my tow bar to sell so if anybodys interested then let me know sorry to jump in
  8. the only place that i know where you can get them from is lexus themselves they were only a couple of pound each. if i remember correctly they are 14v bulbs and not the standard 12v you can get from the local factors. i'll stand corrected if i'm wrong. and YES it realy is that easy to remove them. best of luck jay
  9. coolant comes in many different colours red/blue/clear/yellow just as long as its not a combination of any of the colours it will be fine different colours = different manufacturers best if your still not sure is to drop the coolant mix do an engine flush and refill with a 25% mix then top up to 35% in winter :winky:
  10. matt im only down the road you can come and do mine........ bacon butties and mug of tea
  11. my old fella had the original british muscle car the rover sd1 3500 v8 vitesse. what a motor that was just wish i could get hold of a decent one
  12. had to look twice then thought it was my motor.......................
  13. if its the same as the GS they are ' M6 x 20mm ' hex bolts
  14. same with mine....... changed both key fobs/ had lexus take a look but still the same unfortunatly you'll have to 'grin and bear' it
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