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  1. I was changing the R.F.side indicator on my 400 as it had some water in it, as I took it off, the part that holds the bulb came off and fell down into the gap between the wing and the frame, I have tried to recover it but no luck,so now there is a light bulb and holder stuck down there. Has anyone got any ideas how I can get it out. Please.
  2. I seem to have a problem with the above, it works OK when the radio is on, when I put the C.D. on it comes up again I don't think this is normal, it should go down, am I doing something wrong if so what is it, can some one help me please. Norman
  3. When I was stationed in Germany, I went to the local petrol station, while I was filling up the garage owner came up to me and said he had noticed one of the tyres had a split in it, I said ok ill get it sorted, the tyre stn was about 5km away, he told me because of the law he was not allowed to let me drive it ,the tyre stn was phoned and they came up and fitted a new one.
  4. They are good cars yours is the same colour as mine also L.P.G. excellent engine--176.657 miles --21 years old.
  5. Cheers Steve :Yesterday I was thinking of going to our local Lexus, to ask them if they could do the job for me.
  6. I am going to refit the front mud flaps, the problem is some of the Grommets are missing, I got 6 from my local Lexus store. I now have to fit them, never done this job before so I need some help,as you can see the shape of the grommets are a bit different from what I am used to. Does the screw go into the grommet from the shape you can see, or from the other side where the hole is. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. Roger: my 1997 400 is 21 years old 174,654 on the clock --no MOT problems yet.
  8. Hello John and Denis : I will avoid Morrisons for ever a load of crap, They told me that they would get in touch with the main screen supplier which is Lexus, the bill will be covered by my insurance, but I had to pay £75 towards the bill---the fitters arrive today between 13:15--15:45. Cheers .
  9. Tomorrow is the big day my new windscreen arrives , for my 400, autoglass finally they got onto Lexus U.K. and they have supplied them with the correct screen, the long wait is over at last.
  10. I got a phone call this morning from Autoglass, they have been onto Lexus U.K. and they are providing them with the required windscreen, they will be arriving on Saturday to fit the new one.
  11. Well the story goes on and on about my damaged windscreen---Autoglass have sent E/mails to me ,what is your registration number, which they have, then they asked for the V.I.N. number which I gave it to them, they contacted D.V.L.A. the reply was it was the correct car, Autoglass said they will contact Lexus U.K. to confirm it, the next thing is they are going to contact the screen manufacturer to see if they still make the screen, so it looks like I have still got a long wait.