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  1. Back on the road

    Lexus in Chester charge £104 per hour
  2. Air filter

    Phil it is an after market one.
  3. I have purchased an engine air filter for my Ls 400, the problem is when I try to put it on it doesn't fit properly, the clamp closes on it but it is not completely flush, any ideas what could be wrong please.
  4. bulbs

    Dan : A few pictures for you, the first one is the type of bulb in the system, the other two are where they are located, 4 green bulbs in the front row and 3 blue/green bulbs in the back row hope this can help you..
  5. bulbs

    O.K. John: but I haven't moved any thing at all.
  6. bulbs

    Hello Dan: I don't know about the fuse, I did get onto Steve and he said it could be--dry joints in the radio unit that remove power to the lighting, the only thing is, I don't know what dry joints mean Have you any idea what it means.
  7. The back lights on my climate control LCD screen have gone out, there 7 of them, 4 green lights and 3 blue/green lights (that's what it says in the Lexus Tutorials) does anyone know where I can buy them from. Cheers Norman.
  8. Cheers Guys: I have tried all the info you gave me, the child locks are ok, the internal lock/unlock and then the key fob it works, I think the lock needs some lubricant I will try that and see what happens.
  9. Cheers John: I don't ever go there anymore even for shopping.
  10. T he N.S. rear door has a problem, when I try to open it the catch moves but the door stays locked, has anyone had this problem? If so what do you need to do to fix it, Any information will help me. Cheers Norman.
  11. Peter: that 400 is the same color as mine also it is a 97 the only difference is the indicator lights
  12. Shirish if that car was pretty filthy in that pic it must look a dream when polished.
  13. shirish: beauty of a car, how the heck did you manage to get a shine on it like that.?
  14. I have been trying to find some of the above items on loads of internet sites,but with no luck, does anyone have any ideas where I can try? as seen in the photo clear or amber