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  1. Oh well I'll have that to look forward to, if i stick with Lexus. Greig
  2. Hi Oh well! I had just got used to the other lot and am about to look at a change of car and was going to go back to them. Had no experience of Eastern Western. Might take a run at the weekend and have a look around. Greig
  3. Hi Came home today to find a letter from Arnorld Clark stating that they were no longer a Lexus Sales Centre. There is a new one but not sure who they are. Are they Lexus Owned? Anyone know? AC will continue to be a Service and Warranty Centre. Cheers Greig :D
  4. Hi Thanks for that as i did not know. I will look at that when i decide what im doing as an option to leave it perm in the car. Greig :D
  5. Hi. No worries at all, and thank you very much for the thread. :) I do not understand why or how I missed this. :tsktsk: I will look into this at Lexus this week and see if i can get a decent price! Greig
  6. Hi I do not mind doing it myself with decent but just wary of future warranty issues if something goes amiss. Greig
  7. Thanks for the abuse, simple? I am not lazy, not trying to get someone else to do it for me and I know where the search box is. I know how frustrating it gets with people looking for the same info all the time on a forum, but never felt the need to have a go and could not find the question. I did the search and found the list you did and decided that I probably did not want to use a third party device which all seemed to require work that may invalidate warranties should i have issues with the MM system in the future. While I continued to look and price third party devices, in case that was my only solution, I thought that i should ask the question. I really did not see the harm in that. If the answer lies in a thread where i have missed the answer, for that i apologise for breaking your etiquette rules. Cheers Greig
  8. Hi I am using a iTouch with my 250 via the Aux socket in the armrest box. It works fine but was looking for a more complete solution. I have done a search and I see that there are a few things available but the car is under warranty and I am not keen to hack at it just yet. Am I correct in saying that Lexus has one of these the IS 250 with the MM package? How much is it, approximately? Does it give you some/all control via the touch screen? Thanks Greig
  9. Hi Changed my mind on the wheels when i saw a pic of them on the car!! Greig
  10. Hi Well I'll have the alloys in a heartbeat!! SorryTigerFish! Any chance this lot will be available in the UK? Or is it just as spares for the IS-F? Cheers Greig
  11. Hi Must try this! :D Great idea, never heard of this. @ steve2006 Mork and Mindy was never in Black and White I do not think. I knew I was old and saw the origional series as well, but never black and white. Greig :D
  12. Evening All! :D The steering "recall" interests me in case its all related. The steering seems to go very light at times with no feed back then ......... Im not sure. Im going to get it to the dealer as soon as I can, this week if I can swing it as i hate it the way it is. I will then get teh AA to have a look at it if i am not happy. @GWilso: I wish i could, but the drive is a bit much no matter how good the man seems to be :D :D Greig
  13. Hi Any help appreciated. I needed to replace the phone line into the back of the Sky+ box. I bought one of these, not thinking too much and sorted it all out. However, this will not work when plugged into a phone, but does that matter? Will this do the job or do i need the type that works with a phone for it to work properly? Thanks
  14. Hello Lexus Glasgow, which unfortunately is owned by the Arnold Clark Group. They have been good so far, so i hope they do not live up to the reputation of the rest of the group, which frankly, aint too good. Cheers :D
  15. Hi I bought the car in Dec and its just about a year old. The tyres have plenty of tread on them no issues there. Thanks Greig I would get it booked into the dealer for a full check since it is only 1 yr old. There could realistically be any number of reasons for this happening. It might be a good idea to try for a loan car or extended demo with a similar car to see if the things you are encountering replicate themselves on another similar age/model IS250. Hi Good idea. I'll have to speak to them first thing on Monday. Hope this can happen without too much hassle, i fear not though. Greig
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