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  1. RC F remap

    Ref my post about the golf tee.... open the rcf bonnet. On the left hand side there is a square box with a small flexible pipe about as thick as a pencil. Pull the pipe off the box and insert a golf tee (long plastic type) up the pipe. Now your rcf sounds louder. The box has a flap which normally opens at around 4000 rpm under heavy throttle... like the isf...which gives the extra growl we all love.. With the golf tee inserted into the flexible pipe the flap remains open at all rpm... Had mine in place for 30k mikes with no discernable side effects other than being able to wake the neighbours up more easily...
  2. RC F remap

    Just out of interest.... 1. How much did the pipes cost to get delivered to your door? 2. Is there any drone at 2k revs with these on? 3. have you now removed the golf tee from the air pipe (if you previously did that awesome 20 pence modification ?
  3. RS4 to ISF

    8 speed auto with paddles ... And when it was released in 2008 it was the fastest changing auto on the market.... RS4 is a good car ...i had one for a month... I had my ISF for 5 years ... And never once had to open the bonnet except for washer fluid I dont need to sell it... You need to buy it... Ps...im in an RCF now after and raid return having strayed to a jag xfr... Lexus all tge way... Reliable, exclusive, wolf in sheeps, so much more fun than 4x drive quattro, reliable, good value,reliable and reliable
  4. Cobra exhaust

    Nice... pics, vids and prices would be really nice... I sold my ISF and switched to jag XFR which rumbles nice but after i fitted quicksilver pipes it was epic. I'm now back with Lexus with a new RC-F and the sound is so disappointing like the IS-F is stock... Do you get the same 3800rpm noise kick as before or is it constant loudness from the start? .... I think Lexus should make these sporty V8s noisy by default with a "quiet" button for when your granny is in the car ;-)
  5. New forum?

    Yes, that's the very one...well its orange...not the exact same car of course but orange is orange.... i have managed to resist putting a chavy bumper sticker saying "Keep Calm... you've been Tango'ed" on it... its quite an awesome car... when I get a spare hour I will write an in-depth post about the highs and lows of having it... there are lots on both sides but thankfully considerably more on the plus side....
  6. Lexus Lc500 - Who's Interested?

    All ive read suggests the transmission will be 10 speed .... Just throwing it out there... And yes a twin turbo is in the cards...likely to be released 12 months or so down the line after the 500 normally aspirated lump
  7. As many long ear-haired members will remember i owner one of tge very first IS-Fs in tge country... A car i adored for reason i need not elaborate on here. After 5 years i had to part company with it when i had a £6k bill for a new steering rack. After a troublesome time owning 2 jag XFRs - both of which last less than 3 month before bursting into flames or desroying its engine (both times on tge M5) - i have returned to green pastures and now own i think the only orange RC-F in the country except for a carbon edition in scotland. Im not saying this to show off but more to say hello again and wonder where i should post questions or experiences as i dont see an RC-F forum??? Ps... If you seeme on the motorways around south Birmingham / coventry do feel free to perform some silly lexus version wave out the window like a crazed VW Beetle owner at me.... I had lots of beetles and liked that sort of thing. Hope you are all well, Drive safe... Looney Tunes...
  8. yes its the one from Birmingham...how did you know? should I be impressed or sadened by your knowledge of which colour car is at which dealership :)
  9. Sorry, yes I will get some pics etc when i get chance. Its the Flaming Sunset (or something like that) - Orange to you and I - which having seen others I honestly think is an amazingly good colour for the car - it certainly catches your eye and when I parked it on th high street and had a beer in a pub sitting in the window I watch virtually every single bloke stop and nose around it before walking on. Even most women gave it a good looking at. Lets hope the rozzas are less interested in it Black leather sets it off nicely and yes the inside is a wonderful place to sit... it makes you feel you are sitting in a very well constructed car. The dash and options and settings and ...well everything is great Only downside is the dealership told me it had Adaptive Cruise in the emails about the car I was buying but now i've taken delivery of it I can see that it hasn't. I've let them know i'm not happy (that was one of the reasons I took this car over others having had it on my IS-F) and await their response... it might have to be given back as i've spotted a couple other ones around the country I'd be interested in. Apart from that I'm very happy with the car.... and so much more confident in its reliability than those silly Jags
  10. I would.... but to be fair the engines that smashed themselves were made by ford and the i54 EMC plant is making them for the first time as Jag's own engine.... mind you its taking so long they are having to buy more ford engines than first thought they would need to... apparently. Whilst at the dealership i had a choice of a 2010 ISF for £29k or the 2015 RCF for ... well lots ... got the Torque vectoring and adaptive cruise etc... not the carbon but everything other than a sunny added.... Some say the car will be slower than an ISF due to the weight of the RCF.... any thoughts?
  11. Hi everyone. I am back... I'm sorry to say that after a 5k bill to have my steering rack replaced on my beloved IS-F i ended up chopping it in against a 5ltr supercharged v8 jag xfr.... it caught fire within 3 months after the engine destroyed itself and the replacement car also smashed its engine up costing me £15k to fix (even though it was under warranty... its a long and not finished story)... so now I have returned to Lexus... On Friday I take delivery of a brand new RC-F... OMG I can't wait.... I'm sure I will be posting more in the coming weeks ... hope you are all well and watch this space..... Looney Tunes....
  12. After 64,000 miles of sheer pleasure I have had to sell the ISF. It has been built proof but at 64k I had the following issues to deal with: 1. leaking water pump 2. leaking oil cooler 3. squeaky driver seat 4. bubbling on the wheels 5. tottally worn fron discs 6. grinding noise from the steering wheel The result was a £3.5k bill from Lexus to replace the steering rack and the sort the leaks. They sorted the seat FOC - need to remove the fixing lugs or something and gave me a free ipad cover (which is rubbish by the way as the ipad slides around inside it and you can't get to the buttons so dont buy one). This also means that my reg number is now being sold on ebay (LEX 15F) in an effort to recover some costs. Im sorry to see it go but im quite smitten with its replacements - a 5.0 Supercharged V8 limited edition Jag XFR which has the performance pack added which makes the ISF sound like a kitten purring in comparision to the noise this super beast delivers. There are some things I will miss about my ISF and some I wont - the ride for example is far superior in the XFR and apart from this outragous £3500 bill I will miss the reliability of the ISF. My heart will sink if I ever finally see another ISF Im sure.... I wish you all the best of luck and enjoyment with your IS-fs and if you fancy the LEX 15F get on ebay in next 10 days. Byeeeeeee Oh and ps.... dont drive at 125mph on the M5..... I found out to my cost that the rozzas dont like it much
  13. Rattling door (after 60k miles) and....needed a replacement steering rack at 64k miles along with water pump and oil pump !!!!... a snip at £3k from Lexus Birmingham
  14. Hi Guys, Does anyone know where the SATNAV disc is located in a 2008 ISF ?
  15. Thought I'd add a few others... 1. The Sat Nav (if it isn't broken - see my other post today http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=78864) should work out for you the alternative route and time before it gives you the "do you want to reroute" to avoid traffic and so give you info to make an informed choice - currently ou say Yes and you have no idea of the route/distance/time it will take you so i normal say No. 2. Engine noise at lower revs PLEASE... we have all been asking so come one Lexus 3. seats that dont start to squeak after 40,000 miles when going around a corner