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    Is300 Saloon Vs Sport Cross

    the layout of the sportcoss is great. Recently, my uncle wanted t buy one of those long ladders that can be folded into 3,. he tried putting it in his vectra estate with the front passenger seat as forward as possible and yet the boot will not close, it was a few inch short to house it. We then tried it in my sportcross with the front passenger seat folded. Hey presto, it fit cos we were able to push the ladder right to the glovebox door. hope that helps to make up your mind.
  2. Hi, just thought I share this mysterious disapperance of my clutch judder when I drove home from work. I have had my IS200 for over a year now and I often suffer from this annoying clutch judder from 1st gear to 2nd gear and from 2nd to 3rd gear, from then onwards is fine. I know that many of you also have this problem. For over a year now I also drove with the traction control on just to be on the safe side. But today, for some strange reason, I thought I will try driving with the T/C off to see if the car will pull of faster from the light. Well, to my surprise, the clutch judder completely disapperered, even from 1st gear to 2nd gear. I drove for a least 5 miles, with at least 8 stoppages at the lights and still no clutch judder. So, I thought what happens if I put T/C back on, which I did, and to my surprise the clutch judder did not come back. I had about 4 stops at the lights and yet when I pulled away, there was no clutch judder. However, after a 2 miles or so, I was home, so could not test it further. So I will let u know what when I drive it again and just hope that it wasn't just a 'one-off'. Any thoughts on this anyone? :)
  3. Have you guys read the latest edition of the Autoexpress mag. Apparantly, they did the 2009 survey and the old IS200 still holds 1st position in terms of reliability. Read this Autoexpress :) Read this too:Autoexpress
  4. The tyres on my sportcross at the moment is the Continental 205/55/16. They r the basic -spec from the Is220/250. Here is another set of alloys exactly the same as the one that I have bought but was outbid at the last minute alloys 16
  5. yeah, I know what u mean, I'm not keen on the style either. Anyway I have finally bought one after many days of searching. It is a 16" set of alloys from a Lexus 220/250. Picture below. All views/comments much appreciated. Let me know what u think. I believe it should fit the sportcross....somebody please reassure me of this! alloys
  6. Sorry for not reply back. Have been at work these past two days, so had not had time to log on here. I have found another set of wheels, Honda wheel this time, and I would be grateful if someone can have a look and tell me if it will fit my sportcross IS200. I look forward to your views. Honda alloys- ebay Thanks again.
  7. Thanks, I think I am beginning to understand this. So, if I do wish to go for this, I can buy any tyre that is between 215 - 235 for the front with an ofset of 42 or greater and 215 - 245 for the rear. The ofset of the wheel on ebay is 45, so therefore, it is suitable for both front and rear. Am I correct so far? I have just been search some tires to go on it. I was looking at the 215 width. However, it ask me to enter the profile and the tyre size starting from 10,12, 13, 14 and so on. What do I put in. Thanks :flowers:
  8. Thanks that. I have just received a reply from the seller of ebay. This is what he said "hello there the 17 inch is250 have the same size all round and hence these wheels are the same size front to rear but do indeed have different size tyres on front to rear" I take it that If I do buy these wheel, I have to have wider tyres to the rear. Can I have 4 tyres of the same size. Is that right?. or have I misunderstood something. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I have read the link u gave, but just want to clarify something. I have copied the info to below: OFFSETS FRONT width | offset | tires range (width) 7 = 40 and up 215-225 7.5 = 42 and up 215-235 8 = 43 and up 215-235 8.5 = 45 and up 215-225 REAR 7 = 40 and up 215-225 7.5 = 40 and up 215-235 8 = 42 and up 215-245 8.5 = 45 and up 225-265 (255-265 requires rolling or having lip) 9 = 49 and up 235-275 (MAY require rolling or shaving lip) 9.5 = 52 and up 245-285 (MAY require rolling or shaving lip, 285 may require more modification) 10 = 45 and up 255-315(requires pulling fender) Do these info refer to a 17" wheel or any size wheel, e.g.16", 17" or 18" etc. :unsure:
  10. Ormi what about these. What do u think? alloys why does it say steel instead of aluminum?
  11. I just had a checked on ebay with the item number u mentioned. U r right it will fit straight on and it is similar to what I have at the moment. I am just a bit worried because it mentioned the wheels r starting to show some corrosion. Pity though because they would be idea. By the way does the ofset have to be exactly 50. Can it be lower, say 42, 40 for the wheels to fit the sportcross.
  12. Thanks for the advice. :) I am still waiting for a reply from the seller. Hopefully, seller should be able to tell me if all 4 wheels are the same width 8". Does anyone have any good condition 16" that they r selling.
  13. Thanks. Is it a difficult job to do, or do I have to take it to a garage. Did u do it yourself and how long did it take u. My car is the sportcross, do u think the arch r the same dimension as the IS saloon.
  14. thanks, still waiting for seller to reply. This is my first experience of buying alloys, so not so sure whats what. Do those wheels give a straight fit, because I read some where that u might have to grind down the pug or something similar to that.
  15. Thanks for the replies, I am going to email the seller to ask if all 4 wheels r the same size, will let u know the result. Does 8J mean that the wheel is 8" wide. If those wheels r exctly 8" wide, does it mean that the wheel will fit.