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  1. Time To Go

    its a manual mate, I need 6k for it as i owe that on a personal loan I took out to buy it. Can you sell cars on here if so do they sell well and how would I do it
  2. Time To Go

    Hi Guys It is sadly time for my is200 to go as I have a company car now. its a 04/04 LE done 51000 Is 6k fair money for it do you think and where is the best place to sell it. It needs 4 wheels refurbed but has just had a belt and breaks. What do you think?
  3. Scrubbing Off Tyres

    where would i get wimmed and could I find the settings out online and get my mechanic to set it up?
  4. Hi guys, My is200 (04) has started to scrub off the inside edge of the N/S/F tyre I have no idea why and the doesnt pull or drift on the road it drives perfectly straight any ideas????
  5. Value?

    is it a se or a sport il have a look in glasses guide for you
  6. Hi Guys, I love my is200 very much but I fancy a weekend car to play with and have my heart set on a ford capri. Does anyone know of where there may be a goo done for sale in uk. Im happy to travel to collect I know its a strange thing to ask on here but im finding it hard to get one Cheers
  7. Squeeking At Front Of Engine

    Hi Guys, I have noticed this aswell since the cold weather set in, I think its the power steering belt as i tried to turn the wheel and it went louder when I turned the wheels so mayeb thats the one that neeeds tightend. Think il just leave it and mention it when its MOT'd in March
  8. Insurance

    thaks guys, Il give sky a ring in the morning and see what they say ive done all the go compare etc and 613 is still my best if sky cant match it guess il go for that, Is bound to hurt the old bank balance as ive just taxed it aswell never mind Thanks
  9. Insurance

    Hey guys, Its that great time of year where my insurace is due, I know that everyone uses confused.com etc but does anyone know any lesser known firms who are good. Im a 25yo car sales man so it puts the premium up a bit age and job dont help. Best so far is 613 fully comp. Cheers Guys
  10. Feel Like Im Being Judged

    aye thats true my mates ask if my grandad knows im driving his car.
  11. Rear Diff Oil

    thanks mate il get some of that
  12. Rear Diff Oil

    Hi Guys I have decided to give the car a ful service as it only had a little one last time. What kind of Diff oil shoud it take my tech says it shopuld be 80/90 is that correct???
  13. Hi Guys I have a 04/04 Is200 which I s dur a service soon, I have had the belt done so that doesnt need doing. However what do you guys think needs doing. I am not going to take it to Lexus as don't want to pay the money, I work for a car dealer so I know a mechanic who will do it but he has asked me what i want doing. I was thinking oil and filter air filter, plugs and cabin filter?? would you guys agree or disagree. 2nd Question What parts would you fit, would yopu buy OEM parts from Lexus and fit them or would go to Andrew page or the like ???? Thanks guys
  14. Where Ye From?

    Hi Guys steve from Newcastle upon Tyne driving a 04 is200 LE