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  1. Sorry to say that after 2 Lexuses I've ordered a 325i. (My company car gets replaced every 4 years) I will rearly miss the great looks, the build quality and the (comparative) rarity. But.... 1. The spec of the lowest IS250 model is now lower than when I got mine 2. The CO2 output is terrible compared to the 325i (which despite the badge has a 3 litre engine) 3. Lease costs for Lexus are much higher than BMW 4. I can't deny that the BMW handles better Best wishes Peter
  2. I should be along (+ 1) Food at ACE Cafe is excellent, by the way
  3. Nice to meet up with you all - my wife also enjoyed it and now wants to replace her Yaris with a Lexus...... Looking forward to the next event.
  4. "its all about making money, a compact hatch will sell " So would a four-pot, petrol IS, but there isn't one of those....
  5. Hi DJ. Good to catch-up with you! As I mentioned to people at the Ace Cafe last night, it righted itself. (self-fixing car - cool!)
  6. I pressed eject on a disc today and the usual whirring noise happened but the disc didn't come out. It whirred for a long time before fervant prayer stopped it but still no disc. Any ideas, or do I need to go to the dealer? (It's the standard CD unit, not multimedia and the disc is a normal CD, not mp3 or CDR)
  7. "Hopefully Peter meant straight 6...unless he's had the ultimate mod" Profile now updated! IS250 Auto replaced IS200 last year! Seriously, new car uses very little petrol for a V6..
  8. 43-44 mpg from the 4 cyl diesel driving steadily on a motorway? I get 38-40 from the V6 petrol in those conditions!
  9. "its overpriced IS250" Overpriced compared to what? It's dearer than the IS200 was but it's a much better (and faster) car. It's dearer than 4 cyl alternatives but compares favourably to other V6 engined cars from B*W, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi etc. (BTW I think the SE-L is pretty expensive, but no one has to pay the extra if they don't want to)
  10. I've nearly had an A4 twice but would say the Lexus has the edge. I'm a bit surprised you can't decide because the engines are SOOO different. Personally, I'd always pick 6 cyl petrol over 4 cyl diesel unless I was doing starship mileages.
  11. Manual no help at all! I might have to call the dealer at this rate. I guess it'll stop me stopping too close to someone in a traffic jam!
  12. My Is250 Auto is here at last (have had a loan car for 6 weeks or so)! I adore it, but.... the parking sensors go off even when the car is in neutral or park! So, if I park close to something (I live in London), I have to switch off the engine to stop the noise! Surely that can't be right? The IS200 reversing sensors only worked when the car was in reverse. Any thoughts?
  13. I have a base IS250 on 16" wheels and, unless the road surface is bad, it's very quiet - certainly way quieter than my old IS200 on 17" rims.
  14. Same for me. Interestingly, according to the trip computer I got 43mpg yesterday with the ECT button set to off! Mainly motorways (sticking to 70mph) but not exclusively. I was a bit surprised.....
  15. I got my IS250 last week and diascovered the button (well hidden) a few days later. The car feels a little sharper with it, so I leave it switched on most of the time, what do others think?