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  1. So, I conclude there was nothing wrong with the shock absorber despite Inchcape Lexus, Derby telling me it needed replacing. A local independent told me it was fine. The MOT Tester told me it was fine last year and this year, and Lexus Derby said it was OK when it went in for the 110K service this year. What do I pay my local Lexus dealer for? Oh, I know.........
  2. I had a local independent tyre/shock/brake specialist look at the shock absorber and they say it's fine. I was getting a check and quote for rear disks and pads as Lexus said they were nearly ready for replacement. They agreed they were about ready and the quote is better than Lexus. I'm loathed to give Lexus the business plus the fact the work from the independent has two year not one year warranty.
  3. Hi I took it for an MOT at an independent centre a couple of weeks back. Hd a chat with the inspector who said there was evidence of slight weeping but nothing to worry about and wouldn't expect it to need replacing any time soon. Also got a reply from the Motor Ombudsman after over six weeks! Waste of space. Just said I would have to prove it was a faulty part. I'm thinking it's not worth the effort.
  4. Some progress. An offer to replace it for £250 all in. I'm tempted but still feel aggrieved. I'm thinking that I may bank this, pass the email to the Ombudsman to append to my case. That way (I assume) I won't loose the current offer but may be awarded better. Lexus have said that there is no history of repeated failures of the replacement part and that it seems to be a one off. That, to me says it was a faulty part.
  5. No extended warranty. My contention is that the part had to be faulty to fail after 20k. Sale of goods act 1979 (as amended) should apply. We will see. Email sent. The real killer issue is I seem to have no other option than to pay them again as there are no 3rd party options.
  6. Thanks for that OldTrout. One email to the CEO coming up ;-)
  7. OK, it seems Lexus UK are happy to fit parts that last less than 20k miles and have refused to budge. I'm going to take it to a local trusted workshop for a second opinion but hold out little hope of them being able to source a new shock absorber. That's what really bugs me, there is no competition. I can't go elsewhere as I would for pads, discs etc :-( I've sent the case to the Motor Ombudsman as a last resort.
  8. I've only covered 20k since fitting. I'm waiting to see how the dealership respond officially and will take it from there. Just trying to understand the process at the moment. If the dealer appreciates that I understand the process then the response may be more favourable.
  9. In Feb 2015 I had the front offside shock absorber of my 2007 GS450h replaced by my local Lexus dealer. Today - 2 years 5 month later they tell me it's leaking!! Anyone any idea of a definitive source of info about the expected life of these things? I'm not going to let this rest. Anyone used the Motor Ombudsman Service? - it seems Lexus UK are a member.
  10. Does anyone know if a PAL composite video source can be displayed on the OEM display on an '07 GS450h please? I'd like to put a camera on the passenger mirror for overtaking on the continent.
  11. Interesting, what are the noticeable symptoms please? If the slider was truly stuck then I'd expect binding on the none cylinder side then, as the pad/disk wore, no pressure on the none cylinder side.
  12. Interesting, I was in a dealers yesterday after picking the car up from a 60k service and we discussed longevity. The dealer said that they are told on the Lexus courses that there has NEVER bee a hybrid battery fault. How did you guys get on with replacements?
  13. I've just had my GS450h in for its 60k service. Two points came up. One was "both rear callipers seized, not sliding". I got suspicious when the dealer said its very common and that the customer who's just left had had his done. I don't see vast numbers of people mentioning this on the forum either. My question is, if the callipers a re seized, how is it I still have great braking and is it common? I was told it's likely to be a £300 touch :(
  14. Thanks for photo of "Tyre Reset Switch". Using a mirror, I was able then able to locate the switch on my GS300SE. Regards


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