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  1. Well 1 mile down the road it has all kicked in and happily works. Really odd Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi All I know it has been some time since I posted, but could do with some help. I have had to change the LEDs in the dash as 2 packed in so could no long see the spedo at at night. I have followed the excellent tutorials that have been posted - they were dummies guide style so I could under stand it. Any how. Since I have changed the LEDS the spedo has decided it does not want to play and show me my speed, which you could say is a little bit of a problem. As I am not the best mechanically minded person, is there any suggestions out there? I have searched on the forums and had items such as
  3. I know i have not been online for a while but i do still check back in. Anyway i know many people out there have portable sat navs eg Garmin Nuvi, Tom Tom, Road Angel Navigators etc. I just wanted to give you a little warning about them. My mum got given a Garmin Nuvi from Volvo when she changed her car. A week later she got burgled and stolen from a draw was her sat nav. Now her house contents has a clause in it which will 1) not cover car accessories, and 2) not cover satalite navigation units for a propelled vehicle. The insurance company Axa say as it is a car accessory it should be on
  4. It is a sad day. Some scrotes in Manchester (at the NCP on Whitworth street) have tried to break in to my beloved Lexus. They have attempted to break front passenger window in 10 places, tried to break under the seal of the window and put a nice dent in to the door with either a crowbar or a screwdriver. Fortunately they did not get in and only caused some dammage but think it will be a new door and window. What did worry me was my alarm did not go off.
  5. I currently have Michilin Pilots on mine. When shopping around cheapest places i could find fitted was £150 through black circle. However costco came to the rescue and charge £120! They are great tyres bit noisey but better than P zero's that were on. I get around 15k miles on these compared to 9k on the P zero's
  6. Just got to say thanks to LOC and what a good reason to renew my Gold member ship. I have always used a local insurance broker for my car insurance and i got my quote through for my car and my exsisting car insurance (RSA) quoted me £980 a price hike of £300, the best quote i could get through my broker was £850 with cornhill. After a check on & I was getting quotes of £550. With a quick phone to call to the trusty LOC insuernace discount company and i get a quote of £485 but an increase of my excess of £50 to £250. A small price to be for a big dr
  7. the problem you have if you leave the credit card/ debit card with them is you are in breach of your lenders Terms and conditions. THis could leave open to fraud. I have walked away from petrol stations that refuse to let you fill then pay, when i said no to leaving the card ( i did offer to leave £10) they told me no card no fuel. My reply was ok and walked out only to find the pump turned on. But how do you know they wont swipe you card in skimer and get all you card details down.
  8. i have gone to the TC many times with mine useually park near selfridges or Debenhams annd never had a problem
  9. when we had an incident in our volvo we were able to get the repair done where we wanted, but like lexus volvo could not offer us a car for the full duration of the repair, however the insurence company did provide us with a courtesy car (hired from one of the big chains) and then claimed that back from the other insurance.
  10. this may sound stupid but did you get the car on credit or pay any part of the car with a credit card? If you did contact the finance company or credit card company as they are jointly responsable for the car and if you are having problems and the dealer is not helping then you can call them and tell them and get them to sort it out. THey will try and palm you off but under the consumer credit act 1976 they are jointly responsable and they can deal with the dealer plus you can tell them you are rejecting the car due to the faults and want either a full refund or a new car. Most people dont tr
  11. I have heard people at work all with belkin have the same problem, and our IT department wont let them near the network. Personally i have never used them but used linksys and had 3 replaced under warrenty as they kept failing on me, I have swithched to a netgear cable wireless router and never had any problems with it.
  12. i signed up last year. If you have look at the media page on the pipline website they have been on ITN, and were saying there is a similar thing and it works.
  13. That is bad news. If you are lucky the police might catch them. I know in St. Helens Merseyside police have had a big crack down on car crime, so you might be lucky. Best advice is if it is not too expensive repair it privatly without the hassle of the insurace and hope you can clarm it back from the scroats who did it.
  14. from what i remember it is Perry McCarthy who is a top race driver.
  15. I saw this on another website but after reading about it on the Money Saving expert think it could be worth posting on here. __________________
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