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  1. i dont put winter tyers on just get the hang of the backend sliding out, its gr8 lol
  2. hi iv got led reverse bulbs n there really good bt iv had my is200 3 yrs n iv only replaced the rear brake lights once, could be the bulbs your getting bt if it still happens with the leds could b a wiring problem, is the warnight light the handbrake light? and is it on all the time or just when ur bulbs brake?
  3. hi peeps 1st im getting a squealing noise from somewhere starts when im doing over 30 and stops when i slow down to about 20, other than that theres nothing that happens to set it off its bin to my local mechanic a few times bt he carnt find any thing rubbing on wheels pads or dics, its driving me mad it can be a quietish noise bt then can sound like a firwork tacking off any ideas? The second moast strange this is one saterday id bin driving about turned the car off for a bit went to turn it back on and it started up but as soon as it starts the revs just drop and the engine cuts out, it seems like its starved of fule but its not, it then takes abou half an hour for it to start and stay ticking over even tho it still sounds like its not got enough fule, bt this has sappned three times now but its every other saterday i just carnt c the logic because other than the horid squealing it as good as gold n never misses a beat im quite reluctant to take it to lexus coz itf far away and exspencive lol. any ideas on either problem would be most appreciated thanks
  4. thanks 4 all the replys, wot makes of sports clutch should i get iv seen people talk about Exedy and iv seen some called HIGH TORQUE are thease any good but wots the difference between the organic and paddle?
  5. hay all, iv had my is200 about 2 n a half years and it has had some miner problems but the last few months iv noticed that in 3rd n 4th gear at about 3000 revs it can almost jump to 4-5000 revs but without the power for a few seconds, i thought it might just go away but the other day i was just getting onto the motorway put it into 5th then the revs went from about 3,500 to hitting the limiter in a second but still not going any faster. if any one has any ideas id like to here them coz i have no idea. and its only dun 75,000 on an x if that helps. Thanks
  6. does ne 1 no how 2 take out the front lights as a hole on the is200, coz some 1 hit my car and moved the light so now it faces slightly up and i keep blinding people an night, i tryed taking it out but it looks like its stuck behind the bumper