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  1. Mk2 Gs300 2Jzge Vvti Misfire

    I was told that the oil timing sensor was faulty which result in the engine sputtering. Is that correct?
  2. Hi guys, my GS300 is in the garage now because it developed a misfire. It started fine but when the engine had been warmed up and running a few miles, it misfire. The engine sounds like its going to die and its shaking. My mechanic had changed the spark plugs, checked the coil packs but it still misfire. What causes it to happen and how it can be fix?
  3. Its fixed already :) Turned out to be faulty sub fuel sender unit. Bought a new one and now the fuel gauge is workiing :)
  4. Hi muntisk, the fuel gauge still stuck in down position. Could probably due to faulty sender unit or the floater stuck at the bottom of the tank. Have you fix yours?
  5. Well Swede, I tried replacing the battery with a new one just now, it just didn't work. I guess the sender or the floating mechanism is faulty :(
  6. Is it possible that the floating mechanism become stuct at the bottom? Is the thing uses a sender or just a simple mechanic?
  7. Hi From Brunei Darussalam

    Hi all, I am from Brunei Darussalam. Perhaps most of the guys here don't have a clue where my country is :winky: Anyway, I am the owner of 2001 mk2 GS300. I purchased the car in June 2008 and I love this car so much although it is not a looker :) Here are some pics of my car :)
  8. Thanks for the feedback mate :) Yes, If im not mistaken, theres no fuse specifically for the gauge. Im thinking this is due to the faulty fuel pressure or the floating mechanism in the fuel tank
  9. So, nobody knows what is the main reason for the fuel gauge failure?
  10. Hi guys, can somebody help me why is the fuel gauge not working? At first, I thought that the fuel is very low but after refuelling the car, the needle just won't go up and the low fuel warning light stay on. I just realised that the the car almost stall when I stop and the idling is very low. Could it be due to fuel pump dying?
  11. Thanks for the reply Mike. Well, i've sort out the rack problem already. Sent it to the machine shop to have them re-threaded the return power steering fluid bolts. Its all good now and no more leak :biggthumpup:
  12. My mk2 GS300 steering rack needs a replacement. Can I use steering rack from other Lexus or Toyota models onto my GS300?