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  1. Brings back some meet memories inc TopGear studio . . . Good luck tracking her down
  2. Hi Chris Just returned myself - so welcome back. Andy
  3. OK let the mods commence - just done an intro in the new members forum ... Does anyone know if the IS250 LHD cars have the safety stickers all over the passenger side sun visor ? Keen to replace my stickered-up visor with a plain one. Just looked to Lexus showroom and it seems the RHD cars with white roof linings have stickered drivers side visors and the RHD cars with black roof linings have stickered passenger side visors. If I order a passenger side LHD visors will it come plain ? Any one tried this or are the any Euro members reading who know ? Many thanks in advance Andy
  4. AMH


    Hiya Just thought I had best return to the fold formally. Previously owned an IS200SE - then moved to RAV4 and MR2 - just purchased an IS250 Advance. Still got the other two but hoping the missus doesn't notice - lol. It's my first black car so wish me luck trying to get the swirls and scratches out !! Great to be back and enjoying the car so far - most impressed with the silent ride and surprising economy ... Andy
  5. Many thanks for the reply. The one I am looking at is Sept 11 so hopefully it's on halogens. Def only on 17" wheels though. Where is the headlight adjuster located so I know where to spot it ?
  6. Hiya Just looking to buy an IS250 Advance and have a few queries: a) Are the headlight halogens or HID - keen to keep future costs down so hoping halogen b) Is the road tax £270 / yr for the manual - saw some conflicting info suggesting £460 elsewhere c) How hard are black cars to keep looking pristine - bit nervous taking one on as my previous cars have been white and silver ones - very easy to keep looking good and I am properly fussy about scrathes and swirls d) Dealer is offering Guard X paint sealant - is this worth having ? e) Is there anything specific I need to look out for - on
  7. Hey Folks I am seriously touched by you all remembering - in fact gobsmacked - thank you. Yes I do seem to be doing OK so far - in fact yesterday was my 2 year post bone marrow transplant anniversary (PBSCT to any Docs out there). The story following on from my last update on 11 June 06 is that the transplant went well - in fact it went so well I even avoided any of the infections or complications that normally occur - I was in isolation for just over 5 weeks - totally white environment with minimal visitors etc - it was pretty odd coming out into the crowded hospital corridors, seeing bri
  8. Ta Dah ... Oops - double posted somehow - sorry !
  9. "Aligned to perfection" or "Aligned to total customer satisfaction"
  10. Hope you are having a good one ... :D
  11. Thank you once again for all the supporting comments - they really are much appreciated right now. Damer - please bars worked out OK. Maneesh - I am a Project Engineer for a large Pharma Co. too - plus I did 7 years managing new product introductions to EU and ECE - small world !! Geoffers - thank you for your message too. Best regards to all Andy.
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