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  1. Happy Birthday Wout IS 200!

  2. Tein Super Street With Upper Mounts

    Hello, I had a new set Koni shocks, a lot of noise from suspention. Now i have Tein Super Street and they are super. No noise i said no Noise. They are with the upper mounds. The ride is very good. Yes i have a silent car again. gr Wout
  3. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    Hello Janey and Jason, Thanks for the great imput i have the Dails and they are in my car now. super super nice thanks Wout IS 200
  4. Tein Super Street With Upper Mounts

    the end of september they wil be on my car wout
  5. Hello i want to bey the Tein Super Street Coilover set. Is this a good choise ? I want a sporty drive and i want to drive on trackday's, bud i dont want big bump noise in the car. Are there people that have the set and what is their experiance ? Wout
  6. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    Hello again, I already said yes but i found my Dail nr. it is XE-04. So it is the sport version for XE-04 and year 2002. thanks gr Wout
  7. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    Hello again, My car is a left hand drive, and i am from the Netherlands. gr Wout
  8. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    Hello, I want to order sport dail set #1, i have a IS 200, year 2002 6-gear manual-shift. for now i dont know the code for the dailset. gr. Wout
  9. Stainless Clock Surround

    Nice i like it, so i'll have one. Gr Wout
  10. Better Pics Of My New Dials

    Hello again, Jason can you tell us something about the production of the dash for the after 2002 Lexus. Is every thing going as you wanted to go. gr Wout
  11. My black Lexus IS 200

    My black Lexus IS 200
  12. Swedish Is200 Sport

    I have orderd and managed to bild the angel eyes in to my headlights. I also paint the inside black. But can you tel me how you fit the electrick part on to the car. I like the angeleyes connect to the small light, the first stage of the light switsh. I found the light it has two cable's. Do you know with one i connect to the red cable and with one to the black cable of the angel eye's. thanks Wout, and a fine Christmas
  13. Swedish Is200 Sport

    Ok thanks for the info. I will try ebay for a pair of angel eyes. Wout
  14. Swedish Is200 Sport

    Hello, very nice Lexus. I like the headlights. The angel eyes there are a lot of diferent one's for sale. With one's did you use? greating Wout
  15. Nurburgring 2009........

    Hello, I like it also and if you dont mind i like to come also, from The Netherlands. I know the track, did it with my two cars before i bought the Lexus, Toyota Yaris TS and a Fiesta ST. So it is time to bring the Lexus to the RING gr. Wout :winky: