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  1. Hi sorry if wrong section can admin/mods move to section if it is. Hi peeps got a issue with the alarm on 99 lexus is200 Press lock button on fob all doors lock but the hazard no longer flashes However if I press the lock button twice on the fob the hazards flash 5 times Pressing the unlock button on fob works fine with hazards flashing Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks in advance Thanks in advance
  2. Decided not to boost the car as I already have 2 other cars that are boosted I wanted to do somthing a little different. 1uzfe v8 time 🙂🙂
  3. 4 pot calipers refurbished and fitted couple interior shots
  4. Thanks. Alcantara material high adhesive glue. I used to work at a interior retrimming place a good few years ago so wasn't to difficult to do.
  5. Few more updates on this headlining etc redone sat nav headunit fitted gauges fitted rear headrest screens fitted
  6. Yeah these are fully adjustable 3 way damper spring pre load & height adjustable. MiesterR coilovers are very good I have tried a few different brands. Using the same brand on my other cars
  7. Decided to sell the Bc racing coilovers & ordered some MeisterR coilovers
  8. Love the aero alloys shame the aero alloys are not strong 😕😕
  9. Thank you for the comments. After alot of thinking I decided not to go down turbo route as I already have a boosted toy. More to follow