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  1. Trd Clocks

    its not, just needs some faffing about. theres still one set of the TRD clocks on Yahoo Japan I bought a set for my car for 350 quid about 6 months ago... fraudster he never sent them :(
  2. Toms 280t Anyone Got One?

    The 280T is a very mildly tuned but expensive altezza. There are plenty of MR2's with 500 wheel (not crank) horse around... thats with the same block and crank but with an inferior head... how much headroom do you want lol Those MR2's with 500 BHP are the turbo ones they have 3S GTE unit a different engine to the TOMs 280.. It's the same block though! With aftermarket rods and pistons the beams 3SGE has as much potential turbocharged as any of the 3S's. You can use aftermarket forged rods from the GTE but you need really dished pistons to get the compression ratio down. They didn't make a GTE equivalent of the beams GE but if you compare all the generations of GE and GTE the internal differences is always pistons, rods, injectors and cams.
  3. Standard Airbox

    Hi if anyone has a standard airbox from a manual I am after one msg me!
  4. Toms 280t Anyone Got One?

    The 280T is a very mildly tuned but expensive altezza. There are plenty of MR2's with 500 wheel (not crank) horse around... thats with the same block and crank but with an inferior head... how much headroom do you want lol
  5. Abs Light On (diagnostics Advice)

    Check all your wheel sensors are ok... they need to be flush into the little holes or there will be problems. The error codes your getting are all 4 of the wheel sensors which is impossible unless you have disconnected them and driven the car. This link will tell you all you need to know: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47053 Note it will not reset itself you need to pump the brakes: "To clear fault codes, leave the jumper in place between terminals Tc and E1 with the key on, then pump the brake pedal eight or more times in three seconds or less. When codes are erased, the ABS light should flash two times per second." Nathan
  6. Altezza Rs200 6spd Parts Forsale.

    It's the original RS200 manual diff.
  7. For sale: Altezza RS200 oem parts - LSD diff 65k (kms+miles) - Axles to suit - AFM. Cleaned and tested - Throttle Body Item Condition: All items are used with 65k kms+miles. Unsure of exact milage due to the converter being installed but it's less than 65k miles and more than 65k kms. All items are in working order. Price and price conditions: - LSD diff *SOLD* - Axles *SOLD* - AFM £50 - Throttle Body £120 Feel free to make an offer. Extra Info: Pictures: To follow. Contact Details: P.M. me for phone number / email contact Location: London Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Prefer pickup but willing to post items at buyers cost. Please don't ask me for a price for shipping unless you are prepared to buy! Nathan
  8. Wow....have You A Look

    I asked him if for a price for the drivers floor mat and he only wants to sell them as a set and won't give me a price and it going to put it on ebay... ffs.
  9. Power Upgrade Suggestion

    Build the 3SGE up... forged rods and lower comp pistons, 800cc injectors, upgraded fuel pump, ECU and a GT30 should get your 400+ wheel HP and not ruin the balance of the car.... which would be a shame considering how much you have spent on handling mods! There is loads of info on built 3S's on the MR2 forum www.mr2oc.com. By the way if you ever have an accident and decide to part it out let me know hahhaa! Nathan P.S. my car was already white when I bought it... white is by far the toughest colour for altezza's thats for sure!
  10. Need Coil Pack/ Igition Coil + Steering Wheel

    FYI they are the same coil packs that are in the 1G-FE 6 cylinder found in the IS200. If you ever want to check this out goto this site and add the altezza and the european IS200 as my cars then you can switch between them from the pull down and compart part numbers. http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/
  11. 18" Kahn Rsc Wheels

    They are now on ebay with a starting price of 70 quid and NO RESERVE! item no 140304868240 By the way if anyone has a white IS200 with a standard bumper and wants a white bumper with a blitz lip I might be interested in a swap. Nathan
  12. 18" Kahn Rsc Wheels

    It was on the car when I bought it... i've seen it advertised online but I can't find the link for it sorry i'll keep and eye out. Attached is a photo which is a better shot of it.... would look better with some skirts which would follow the lines of the car.
  13. 18" Kahn Rsc Wheels

    how much is he wanting for the alloys? no idea mate, awaiting a pm, lol. :) some of us have to work you know I was hoping for 200-300... just bombed 300 on some IS250 wheels with tyres in about the same condition so I would like to get my money back lol.
  14. 18" Kahn Rsc Wheels

    18" X 7.5" +42 offset 5x114.3 stud pattern Shod with 225 40 tyres. Two of the tyres are brand new and two are worn but legal. Strait with some mild rashing and corrosion but nothing major. They were on my IS200 which is also in the pictures in the link. Would also go onto most of the lexus/toyota range. My car is lowered and it didnt rub. http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/nathan.claph...feat=directlink Here is the manufacturers site: http://www.kahnwheels.com/shop/4/index.htm I'm going to chuck them on ebay but if anyone wants them make me a sensible offer. I'm in London. Nathan
  15. Here are what they look like on my car