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  1. I've got to say going from budget to Premium makes a massive difference to how the car handles and performs in wet and dry. Absolutely minimal effort required when going through corners or bends
  2. Just had the Pilot 4 fitted on all corners and I must say they are more noisier than the budget ones that have come off the car...have I made a big error ??? I shall find out tomorrow on my motorway commute and hope it's raining to reach a proper verdict :)
  3. Car is back from repairs since some idiot went into the rear...time to look at the tyres again !!! What load rating does everyone go for...every tyre seller website suggest a different load I've got 2010 GS450h and they came fitted with 97 but Michelin recommend 93Y under their vehicle ??? BTW any thoughts on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 as supposed to Primacy 3 as I do floor it :))
  4. Michelin Primacy 3 for a set of four fitted 245/40/18 93 Y at COSTCO for £511.50 I'll be calling the dealers tomorrow morning to see if they can match that For those interested it's only on offer until 24th September...if your a costco member you get a further 5% off
  5. Will they price match with online retailers too ie event tyres or tyre shopper or is it just kwik fit etc ? The Primacy 3 appear to be run flat too not sure if they would be good on the GS450h
  6. Time for a new set of shoes and the Lexus dealer have recommended Bridgestone but read some reviews which have put me off. The car came with Brimay's on them !! I have the GS450h 2010 and was thinking Michelin Primary 3 as they have a fuel rating of C , wet A and 71 DB I want them to be all rounders that last long, fuel efficient, comfortable with good grip and less road noise.
  7. So nice weather here now and decided to let all the windows down using the unlock button on the fob. I have a 2010 GS450h SE-L so would have expected this feature has standard !! Anyway called the dealer and they want to charge me for looking at it and sorting it (car is under warranty) and started telling me he needs it all day Any nice person on here tell me if the feature comes as standard on theirs and how to programme it myself
  8. Mind you me offering £13k asking for full tank and taking out finance short term isn't a bad deal I suppose....what bugs me is having to change the cambelt in 4 months time
  9. Anyone know how much a Lexus dealer would knock off the price after some hard negotiation car is priced at £14449 has 53k on the clock (another 7k which I can clock up in 4 months and will need a cam belt change ) Does £13k sound too cheeky ?