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  1. £109 in the UK here: (Not a brilliant website to navigate sometimes; I find giving them a ring easier) Thanks, I will give them a go. :winky:
  2. Can anyone please help me with the question of options packs that were available for the LS430. I understand that there were maybe two options packs, Premium and another?? How may options packs were there and what were they called, and what did each one include as extras over the standard already comprehensive spec. Thanks
  3. I have the original single DVD disc in my system which says Version 1 2002-2003, it is a UK only disc with the number 86271-24122. I have checked the website and found that the update disc is quoted as PZ485-X01EU-08 which retails at £159 I assume the disc update is the four disc Europe wide disc set. Is there any cost effective way of updating a single UK disc to the 2008 version. I have seen them on e-bay being sold but the part numbers are normally different to the one I need, so I assume there are different discs for different Lexus models and navigation systems?? Any help, please.
  4. That's it. According to the manual, it should be used if you're having trouble moving the shift stick, for instance after leaving the car parked on a very steep road. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Has anybody experienced a problem with the reversing camera 'parking assist' system on a RX300 Mk2. I have noticed that occasionally the message 'reversing camera malfunction' appears in the display. The camera is still working but the assist guidelines dissapear and won't come back on until you reselect reverse?? Any thoughts
  6. If its a red button by the lever its to allow you to move the stick without the engine being on etc, it energises the solenoid to release the lever. Thats if i am thinking of the right button No its just a small elongated black button above the gear lever on the left of the gear surround which says 'shift lock'.
  7. Have you got the original owners manual as that gives a good explaination of the how the system works.
  8. Hi, Any help RX300 Mk2 'newbie' I'm probably being a bit thick here, but what does the shift lock button do on the auto box. When I press it no indicator lights show on the dashboard and I can not find any mention of it in the owners manual.
  9. Yep, my RX300 Mk2 picks up straight away, much quicker than 'stand alone' systems. B)
  10. Many thanks for all your advice and comments. I have now taken charge of my Lexus as of Wednesday this week, and I'm pleased to say I'm very happy with the car. I did get a 'proper' Lexus AUC warranty and there were only a couple of 'gremlins' during the handover at the dealership. The first being that the new MOT certificate was missing so a duplicate had to be printed and they had not stamped the Service book with the latest service, again remedied quickly. According to the Lexus website you are meant to get a independant vehicle history check but I did not see this and also an Independant mileage check but again I did not see this, although the website says that 'most' dealerships do this not all. The mileage seems correct based on the service book etc.
  11. Thanks David, The 'new/used vehicle order form' is on the official Lexus form.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I'm buying from Lexus Canterbury, Kent.
  13. Hi all, Have been reading the forum in recent weeks which has led me to purchase a RX300 SE Mk2 (Nov 2003) from my local main Lexus dealer. Have read about a few gremlins with regard to the 'Lexus Approved' scheme, so I hope it all works out okay for me. Just a quick clarification with regard to the 'Lexus Approved' scheme, if the vehicle in question is posted on the Lexus official website and on the forecourt as 'Lexus Approved' can I take it that it is. Or do they (Lexus) sell non approved vehicles as well. Will keep you all posted on how this purchase goes. :D
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