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  1. Front Passenger Washer Jet

    like Ormi says i would investigate first. Mine stopped working, didn't rise up. I thought it can't be low washer fluid as the windscreen washers were still working. Wrong. Take off for headlights is higher than the windscreen, topped up with water they were fine... :winky: also they are driven by water pressure, no electrics, so shouldn't break down. Hope this helps
  2. If it has wheels and an engine it CAN and MUST be improved...!!!

  3. ..far easier to use old catches on seats though...undo one bolt, use original belts, jobs a good 'un. Gotta be easier than whacking a dent in the door pillar a taking off all the trim??!! Got the seat belt warning light passenger side goin, it was the pink and black wire. If anyone wants my old interior (front and back seats) its on ebay. Special deal for forum members. I was going to keep the headrests and fit monitors in them...maybe one of you lot fancy trying??!! I've also got a few more bits and pieces (nesarside door card, beige, late model speaker grill-mint and rear seat belts in beige. Make me an offer and you can have the lot for ....not a lot!!
  4. ...Hmmm... well i'm a bit fussier!! ;) got them in and ran the feeds for the electric adjustment part from the drivers side under the carpet, between centre console. Perfect. Works fine. chopped wiring for heated seats, connected all the same colours together and again, works as it should. Seat side airbag same as manual seat, no worries. Just left with no seat belt warning light for passenger. Might have another go tomorrow, but girlfriend leaves the damn thing off anyway, so light flashes annoyingly so may not bother. This is not as easy as the write ups above would make you think. Just be aware if you want later seats in an earlier (manual adjust) model, you can't just rip out the old and bolt in the new. So to summarise- Seat belts will not fit from earlier cars on later models - change belts or catches (I swapped catches on seats) No wiring under passenger side for power seats - run spliced feeds from drivers electric side under centre console carpet (pain to do invisibly, but at least fused and constant power) Wiring COMPLETELY Different on later seats passenger side, and manual adjust seat wiring ONLY side airbag connector the same. Cut pink and black (dunno what this is!)/ white and black (earth)/ green and red (heated seat + feed)wires and join them all together to get feed for heated seats. Not sure how to get seat belt warning light going but suspect pink and black has to go to some other coloured wires (black/blue!?):duh: Interior looks ace now, got a lovely new looking leather and alcantarra set same as mine but with piping and electric both sides... give yourself a few hours and careful with them airbags...!
  5. Yeah I heard the belts were different..as for the wiring on the passenger side was it there or did you run some feeds from the drivers side?
  6. ....OK, OK...taken a while but i'm a busy man....!!!! I've now got seats from a 2003 IS (both electric) and wanna put them in my '99 sport that has manual passenger side electric drivers side. thing is looking at a few posts, should i take the seatbelt connectors off my old seats as the new seat ones i think are different? Also did Lexus hopefully put all the wiring connectors ready for this upgrade on the passenger side...!!! Gonna have a bash when the Turkey seasons over... :winky:
  7. Interior

    If you can get a Supra engine into an IS then I'm sure a seat swap can be done pretty easy! If you want a good condition light beige half leather/half alcantara full interior, electric drivers seat manual passengers. both heated and non deployed airbags, i might know a man who has one...cheap!! :winky:
  8. Power Loss?

    ref upto 4rpm and doesnt wanna push any further ....I reckon some kids have shoved a tennis ball up its tail pipe.... sounds like a breathing problem....if it doesn't rev freely at a standstill give the throttle body a clean and blow the breathers through. Got to be worth a go
  9. thanks for the replies...It's a fully speced model with full TRD aero pack and it's got the Navigator built in Sat nav, just seems weird only one leccy seat? Interior is great condition, just wondered if I could swap a seat base to the existing manual seat. I must get off my backside and post some pix
  10. Question. I've got a 2000 IS200 sport with beige half leather, trouble is it has a manually adjustable passenger seat, how easy is it to put an electric base on it, and is it correct that it only has driver side electric? Thanks
  11. Is 200 Fast Idle

    Yeah, probably will...one thing I did notice was a kind of mesh nderneath the butterfly...is that there to stop big lumps of something going in? If so then has anyone taken it out to improve air flow? I'm getting a second hand throttle body to polish and improve airflow, so will have a look to see if it can be snipped off. :winky:
  12. I've just done a quick clean of manky throttle body, well grubby, gave it a wipe with some brake cleaner and a clean rag, put it all back together and the idle from cold now jumps up to 1800 rpm, which slowly descends as the engine warms. then when warm with the temp gauge midway it settles to a steady 800. thing is it never used to go above about 1200 even when very cold but now the cold start seems mega fast but it seems to settle down nicely....Is this normal? I've pulled the ECTI and EFI fuses for a minute and reset the ECU and its the same...no lights on and runs fine
  13. Loc Stickers

    Thanks for the replies...and the offers of fre stickers! I'll PM the offerers..! Might well become a gold member as plan on keeping mine for a while and seems like a populaar site..cheers all..
  14. Being new too the site, do you do any owners club stickers or anything? Also when is the next London / Kent meet apart from 31st Jan as I'm busy! Pete
  15. Ls400 V8 Into My Is200

    Look forward to the pics mate, I do like the look of Intercoolers on cars :D This is going to be one very special IS...keep going, I'm finding this build fascinating