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  1. Try this site mate - click the forum text (in red) top right. Great site, great products and great advice Click here
  2. I have Pirelli P-Zero's on mine (all around) great tyres, perform excellently in all conditions, low noise.
  3. Where Ye From?

    Malvern near Worcester - from London originally
  4. For Sale

    Thats a beautiful car there, good luck with the sale. :)
  5. 2000 GS300 Sport £220 fully comp, max discount, me, the wife on it. I'm 39 Phil
  6. Interior Cleaning

    Autoglym super interior cleaner. Spray it on, scrub with a wet sponge, rub over with a chamois and let dry out. Works really well, I've just done the interior (light grey) of my old merc. Came up a treat. Leave to dry overnight. Phil
  7. That's a shame mate. I had a mint one (mk1 sport) for sale about three months ago, went to Ireland in the end, you would have liked it!! I'll keep my eye's open for you anyway and post in this thread if I see any. Phil
  8. All the best mate, enjoy and be careful. Good luck!
  9. Newbie,1st Lexus Yesterday,not Good News

    Don't worry mate, all these things can be fixed! ( a) Wheel wobble - most likely warped discs on the front, though could be a sticky caliper - change the discs if still present after your wheel balance. I've had the same mate, there are loads of guides on how to do it yourself on here. It's an hours work. ( B) Gritty brakes - probably worn pads. Easy fix ( c) Key fob - Driving with the master at all times is fine!!!! The key's are made for using, that's why they have buttons on to open the doors! There are also guides on how to re-programme the remotes on here! 2 minute fix. Get these things done and you're away! Good luck mate, keep posting, we are here to help each other and get some pics up! ;)
  10. Hello From Uk

    Hello mate. What a great looking car that is. You must be well chuffed! Welcome to the club
  11. Im Back, Well Not Really

    Good luck mate, hope you do come back in the future though! I liked your laidback styley!
  12. Didn't you have some problems with differing number of plugs/sockets on the lights and wiring loom? Yes I did. At first all looked like it was not well. But, plugging in the dual single socket to one of the double sockets ended up working very well. What happens now is that both banks of LED light up with the brake light rather than only the outer (as it would if I had four connectors rather than the three) For the full story CLICK HERE
  13. The rear ones are plug and play, as I have a set on mine. They are great, really bright and update the rear end brilliantly. The fronts - I have no idea. P
  14. R.i.p Michael Jackson.

    Ahhhh! How sweet.....