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  1. Hi All, I have the dreaded leaking screen, It is being replaced next week. after rain it leaks on some loom I guess, as some dash lights come on. The handbrake warning light, tail light bulb gone light, rev counter, MPG gauge does not work either. It normally dries up and then starts to work again, but after I have dried it out it still does not work. Any ideas to remidy until the new screen....?? Thanks Tom
  2. Mine is coming up to 200,000k, all original, looked after by lexus since day 1 (one owner form new)stills runs like new! unreal.
  3. Ok thanks mate, I can get a reading done for free, always kind of refer the garage to do the reading then it's their fault if the part is wrong etc. Cheers Tom
  4. I do have TRC but the light is firmly off! I'll take it to lexus to see what they find. Any more information is still welcome. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Bit of a novice really, do you mean the diagnostic port? My car is completly standard by the way...if that helps... Tom
  6. Hi all wondered if you could help me? I have a 99 V is200 and the abs light comes on only when the car has stopped and goes off immediately when i get going again (about 2 MPH) this happens. It even comes on when I coast to a hault (not braking) Any help much appreciated Thanks Tom
  7. Good thing about 040's are they have a rim protector, which is real useful. do the assymetrics?
  8. Well shucks, I did a search and did not find anything, Think you could post a link of just one of them?
  9. Hi all, anyone know how to remove the rear seats? I deally only the back rest part.... or does the whole lot have to come out? Cheers Tom
  10. I have heard of them, although have not had any reviews.. give them a go, they should know what they are doing...
  11. Not to sure??? Dont think it was a major service..? I know I am on some kind of discount as I have been taking the car there from 2001....and My father bought a new 430 last year so we know them quite well...
  12. Can't help on the information given, but I bought my car from Woodford and have given them a wide birth ever since it's first service!
  13. Yep, 190K full lexus service history, runs as smooth as the day I picked it up! (new)
  14. Yeah same, got a a 99 IS had from new, would open all the way everytime, pretty eratically too! now it just releases the lock only. Could be a worn spring I guess.
  15. So put my 200 in today for a service and MOT at Lexus Hatfield. Brilliant service and £280 later a fully serviced and MOT'd car pretty reasonable I thought. Incidently my neigh on 10 year old 190K IS200 sailed through, brilliant.