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  1. Happy Birthday abbott!

  2. when i bought my IS200 i jumped on a plane from Inverness to Gatwick and got a train from Gatwick to Newbury in Reading , left my house at 0500 and returned for 2300 in the evening !! never be afraid to travel for a car as the journey home is a test drive !! I have never bought a car (bar 2) from within 300 miles from my house !
  3. Does Anyone Know What These Wheels Are?

    they are without a doubt 1 of the most fugly rims i have ever seen !
  4. Is200 Performance Or Lack Of...

    As said if its a drifter your looking for and you havent got many thousands in your pockets for some engine trickery then i would step away from an IS200 right now !! They are "uber slow" my little sisters 1.4 diesel 206 whips the lex's arse ! And because of the lack of power its not the easiest to control when you skip the back out .... For the fuel they like to drink they should be much MUCH quicker All in all not too shabby if your a triad or something and just want to cruise , but CERTAINLY no drift/racer car (in standard form anyway)
  5. Is200 Arm Rest

    sell you mine for £350 ;)
  6. Is300 Sat Nav

    How much is a full system from the USA ? I might know of one for sale on these shores
  7. What do you use to trasport your bikes ? I tried to fit my hard tail in the back of the car today and nada not even a chance , what do you guys use ? Do the back seats come down at all ?
  8. Congratulation

    Congratulations to all those involved what a friendly bunch !! Right whos gonna send me a free supercharger... LOL
  9. completely gutted for your loss captain ... ..............................................................................
  10. Tattoo's

    I Have 4 im getting my arm into a full sleeve next Saturday ...
  11. New Eminem Album - Relapse!

    No Way !! im slightly gutted anyone fancy aquiring me a copy ill send you the relevant £££ a total computer idiot wouldnt have a clue where to start looking !
  12. Newbie In Scotland

    hey bud im actually from Nairn ... not far at all
  13. Ouch!

    Thats a "low blow"
  14. Yet Another Scottish Newbie!

    welcome buddy ! were planning organising a scottish meet at some point dude.
  15. Happy Birthday

    happy birthday bud .. are you really a pensioner ? :zee: