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  1. Happy Birthday Dimitris Papamichail!

  2. The OEM gerabox mount was replaced by the TRD. After 140000 km the OEM rubber mount of the gearbox looked that it needed to be replaced with a new one. The new gearbox mount is listed in the TRD list that fits only the Altezza-SXE10 models but it fits ok on the IS200 series with no modifications. Straight swap. After fitment there was no vibration in the cabin and during gear changes the small kicks that existed with the OEM mount had dissapeared. I also had the feeling that the gears change better now, but that could be only my impression.
  3. Hi, I have already supra calipers on my Lexus and I can tell you there will not be any benefit if you have not done any major upgrades to your car, unless if you use in track oftern or brake hard continuously from 100mph! Supra calipers are great but not worh with no power upgrades. OEM brakes are very good especially if you follow the suggestions above. Bear in mind the supra calipers are quite bulky so you will need spacers or wheels with an ofset near 30
  4. If you tempt to stay OEM, it is better to upgrade your discs, pads, brake lines and brake fluid. no need to go for big brake kit. It is waste of money.
  5. Hi, if you are going to fit a 160mm pulley then 250cc will not be enough for the power you are aiming. You need at least 330cc. Go for the brown injectors from the USA 2zzge or the ones i have. They are from a 2.4 RAV4.
  6. Hi there is a member at OJC who might be able to help you. He is offering his cradle to be copied
  7. Ok the big day came. I took the car today to the mapper....and the result? 9.5psi boost and 235whp and 28kg of torque. The AFR when the water/meth kit is working is 11.9-12.4. I believe now I have the most powerful Lexus IS200 with a TTE SC kit fitted in Europe.
  8. New updates. We fitted the upgrade parts. First we fitted the 375cc injectors, relocated the steering wheel bottle, installed the water/methanol kit and lastly the 160mm pulley with the 5PK583 belt. I believe this is the correct belt size. It was already too tight before using the cradle belt tensioner. Next step is now to arrange this week to have the car remapped and see what the performance output will be. Driving back home I had the meth kit disengaged (wait until the car is remapped), but up to 4500rpm the boost gauge showed me 8psi! I did not push it further want the engine safe until the upgrade has finished. Happy with the result though. Here are some pictures of today's work.
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