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  1. hey sometimes when i am driving the car will rev when i press the throttle down but wont accelerate, dont have any codes coming up, anyone got any idea's?
  2. hey has anybody else had this problem, when i put my foot down the car doesnt accelerate, just revs up and the warning light came up on the dash
  3. hey anyone know were i can get a new ballast for my angel eye's, one of mine blew today
  4. hey Jason My dials arrived safe and sound this morning, gonna put them on tonight and will take some pics and put them up then thanks a million
  5. thanks a million Jason, will let you know once they arrive :D
  6. hey dont be worrying about the dials, getting better is more important, hope everything goes ok for you
  7. hey Janey sorry I havent gotten back to you, I still want them, will send that money by paypal today
  8. ah nice, well count me in for the rising sun, 2001 is200 sport, manual, XE 01 and I am in dublin Ireland
  9. hey, I was just wondering how much shipping would be to Ireland, very interested in a set of these
  10. yeah would be brilliant if they released their fabrication drawings, maybe i could try persuade them too
  11. how much is he selling the kits for? for the rotrex one do the engine internals need to be upgraded?
  12. hey I can get my hands on a used supercharger from an slk 230 for €470 what else would i need and about how much would they cost I can make up the cradle if i can get my hands on a picture and dimensions
  13. All the custom pipework (prolex were selling this) including the compressor bypass assembly and throttle cable, supercharger bracket, some kind of induction kit or the TTE airbox, intercooler, pulley + belt and HKS FCD. You would also have the drill and lock down the supercharger clutch assembly. It would work out very close to £2k. Ed might be a way to go to get a supercharger, there is a supercharger on ebay from a kompresser at the moment for $300 and the HKS FCD on prolex for £100
  14. sorry to go off topic but if you got a supercharger from a 230 kompresser what would be needed to fit it to an is200?
  15. ah sweet thanks a million, going to get onto them now and see if they can