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  1. Happy Birthday Ladies_Love_Lex!

  2. Hi All! Went for MOT today and car failed on rear shock absorber Its £50 to do it if i supply it or £250 if they supply it! I have looked everywhere but cant seem to find one for my shape GS (2005 onwards) :iraqi-info-minister: Any ideas where i can get one from reasonably priced? Thanks in advance!
  3. I love the Dyson ball!! Its an amazing hoover so easy to use even with my bad back and weak girly arms! I also have a henry which is awful and kills my back! From a womans point of view (whos very experienced in the hoover department!) dyson balls are the best dysons and best hoovers ive used (including Kirbys!! Bloody things way a ton!) I hope you enjoy using your new dyson ball Parthiban...
  4. Hi emma, im nat! Welcome to LOC What you planning on getting then?? :)
  5. probably because you were so far away from the kerb ! lol The cheek of it!!!!! :)
  6. Oi!! Not all women are bad drivers! I was good at parking my IS300, never even curbed the wheels once ;)
  7. Hiya, My memory is so terrible but i think you do it like so: *Switch engine on *Press your memory button so the seat goes to how you have it *Switch engine off, stay sat in drivers seat (All doors must be shut) *Press and hold the set button on memory seat panel, whilst holding the set button press and hold either lock or unlock on your key fob. *when you hear the beep it should be set. (you might not hear the beep, if so just hold them both for 10 seconds.) Now to test it, press your wifes memory button, get out of car, lock it, walk away and when you walk back up to the car and touch the handle to unlock it, the seat should automatically be moving back to your position?? Then do it all again with your wifes key, and then you both have seperate programmed keys :) Hope this helps.
  8. I like the old rav's as they are a small 4x4 (as im a horsey girl) and i dont have to worry about getting in it from the yard and putting my dog in it! (and its a Toyota! :) ) Well depends what it is really, on an old shape Rav proabably up to £1500 but anything else probably up to £1000. Any ideas??
  9. Nuff luv!!! Good luck with it all!
  10. Thanks for your reply.... dont want to sound rude or snobby but i have a thing about green cars, i just dont like them Thank you any way though! :)
  11. Hi all, I have just got back in to horses and dont want to take the Lex up the yard and get it dirty so im looking for a little run around, ideally diesel or a small petrol engine. Dont mind travelling as long as its not like 200 miles! I have been looking at Rav 4's (i know they are 2ltr engines but if the price is right!!) I Like the little Fiesta, Vauxhall, cleo, peugeot car vans if you know what i mean as they are handy. Also like the old like Toyota Yaris (like T reg) Well im open to any ideas anyway! :) So if you have anything for sale or if you know of any (round south west) would appreciate you PM me or writing back on here. Thank you :)
  12. My sister has a white IS200, definately turns heads!! I think she may be looking to go to the dark side though, shes mentioned getting a BMW a few times now. tut tut
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