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  1. Is200 Turbo Help!

    EMAIL sent! Thanx for the help.. On another note.. maybe you can help me with this aswell.. Its worth a try.. The S2K.. It hits boost okay, but when it s'pose to hit Vtec at 6000rpm it loses power and seems like the boost is gone, and Vtec doesnt kick in properly.. Now thought it was the spark plugs getting too hott and the gap on the spark plugs but got a smaller gap and colder Spark plugs, now the car runs alot smoother but the same thing, it seems like that turbo and Vtec arent talking to each other. Any suggestions? if not its okai.. Ohh, ill get some photos with the IS up for u guys. just some.. more later..
  2. Is200 Turbo Help!

    Yeah, ive checked that it is all going the right way, and so is the airflow, MAP sensor and cam/crank, angle sensors are all wired up properly. Now the Jumper settings. JP1-6 is on 1to2 coz its on ADD only jp7 is on normal jp8 is on 12v instead of 5v jp9 is open jp10 1-2 jp11-12 open jp13 open jp14 open jp15 1to2 jp16 open jp17 open jp18 open jp19 1-2 jp20 1-2 jp21 open Now another thing..**noob alert** How do i get the map settings thats on the ecu to be shown what settings they are at??? or should i just have print screened it??? Now the power output we are expecting from the S2K.. HOPEFULLY will make 180-220KW at the wheels.. i dunno that much about the power output stuff.. will learn more as i go and i'll keep u guys posted! hehehe Thank u for the warm welcome!
  3. Is200 Turbo Help!

    I'll c if i can d/l the map settings for it by 2morrow. Ive done 15 36 24 but it still sounds like its backfiring. Now with the wires, ive soldered all of them and checked them 5 times just be sure. What do u mean by the wiriing connections? do u mean the Wiring connection diagram for the 1g-fe factory ecu pin alocations? if thats what u ment, yes i did go from that diagram. Thank u soo much for replying, and sorry for the late reply, me and a friend just turbo's my brothers S2K and finished it in one day! its running thesame Piggy back and its working properly. well sort of, have to get colder spark plugs tho.. Thank u again!
  4. Hello! How u guys doin??? As u c in the thread, me and my friends have been breaking our butts off turboing my IS.. Mechanical side of things is all good and done, but i think there is something wrong with my wiring of the ECU.. We are running the Greddy emanage Ultimate. We have the car running with the base map from the pre-programmed basemap. BUT, it sounds like the cylinders arent running properly. Ive tried re wiring it and changed Ignintion timing and currently running at ignintion timig 1 5 3 6 2 4. and it does not show up with errors but sounds wrong. but when its running on normal 1 2 3 4 5 6 and it sounds a bit better. Just needs to know wats up.. ive tried looking theu forums and ive hit dead ends. So please, if can someone help me that would be aweome.