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  1. Yes, IIRC Lexus started to disable this feature as default where the fob would open all of the windows for this reason about 10 years ago. I was informed of this when I noticed that our 2007 IS would do this but our 2011 model wouldn’t.
  2. I’m no expert on the 4RX but I don’t think that air suspension was offered on this series. I think Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) was fitted as standard to the top spec Premier or later Takumi cars and was an option possible standard on the F Sport models ?( please correct me if I’m wrong ). We have AVS fitted to our GSF and whilst I don’t have an issue with the ride on our 3RX F Sport, the ride is smoother in the GSF in normal mode. Good luck with the search. I hope to upgrade our RX to the latest model in the future.
  3. The 2-4-1 warranty has been on offer for the past 4-5 years . Very good value. I’m glad it’s still at this rate !
  4. Yes what a lovely car. A testament to its previous owner @PhoeNicks what made you sell up, if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. This car still seems to be for sale. I to remember the last white GSF for sale on Auto Trader at a VW dealership taking a while to sell. Maybe people are more wary about buying from a non Lexus dealership. I certainly was.
  6. Congratulations. Was that the one from Portland with around 22k on the clock IIRC? If so then I think the previous own was on here.
  7. I have a feeling it’s a problem with the mirror motor itself / memory module. It’s a common problem on early 2IS models (2005-2007). Moving the mirror electrically or manually in all extremes used to temporarily fix it but ultimately new parts are require to fix this issue if it is the same problem.
  8. I must admit I was very surprised by this when we purchased our RX450 but in the end I was just happy that it came with LED lights for the low beam.
  9. I don’t think any 3RX has full LED lights though as the high beam appears to still be a halogen bulb? I was a little baffled that our GSF was missing the AFS feature but it makes sense now!
  10. I don’t think this is the case at all Lexus Dealers. Bristol seem to be relatively expensive for tyres compared to online prices but I’m happy to pay the premium for convenience and come back.
  11. Glad you managed to settle on a tyre. I have all this to look forward when my Super Sports need replacing. I’m surprised Lexus sold your car with budget tyres on🤷🏾‍♂️
  12. @YN57OCK that screen in the centre console on your ISF looks amazing. What is it and does it control the Climate system also? Very Tesla-esq
  13. Exactly, it doesn’t sound like an easy feature to retro fit.
  14. i have a feeling that it uses the memory module / function to return the mirror to its previous setting when you come back out of reverse.
  15. Does the Luxury spec NX come with memory for the driver seat, steering wheel and mirrors? I seem to remember that the dip on reverse function was only available if you had the memory feature fitted on the 2IS so I wonder if this is still the case?