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  1. Ah yes, I realised after writing that post that the camera probably has nothing to do with the cruise. I will go out and give the badge a clean. Thanks for your advice.
  2. Thanks for your reply @Herbie. I will give these a try as the window was frozen again by 10 pm last night Fustratingly even after an hour of driving last night the radar cruise would not work as my front camera was still fogged up, despite the heater being constantly directed at the front windscreen 😡. I can’t imagine that this is normal?
  3. With the recent drop in temperature, I have been noticing that the inside on the rear window on our GSF has been freezing. Water then drips on to the rear shelf when the demister is turned on which is far from ideal. None of the floor mats or carpets seem to be wet and the AC is always in use when the car is on. My initial daily commute is about a mile which means that the car isn’t really warmed up before I get to work so maybe I’ve answered my own question there.. but other than making sure the window is spotless, is there any other solution to prevent this from happening? I normally drive with all of the blinds up but I’ve put them down today to see if that makes any difference 🤷🏾‍♂️
  4. I wasn’t sure on Sonic Titanium at first but the right car came up and we now have a GSF in this colour. I’m now a big fan and as mentioned above, it almost always looks clean unlike our Artic Pearl RX!
  5. I have noticed that our GSF wheels seem to chip very easily. I will ask the question when it goes in for a service but I highly doubt that Lexus will do anything about it.
  6. I would stay clear of the IS220d. Lots of issues with the engine and gear box that are all well documented on here. It’s a car that Lexus should have never built as it did their reputation no favours. Buy an IS250 Auto. We ours over a period of 8 years and 90k miles with no mechanical issues. A brilliant car.
  7. VW... premium, really? I wouldn’t class that as any more premium than Toyota, but I guess the press do. No Mercedes?
  8. I think someone on here has fitted a similar system to this to his ISF. https://www.phoenixautomotiveinc.com/products/10-4-tesla-style-android-navigation-radio-for-lexus-is-250-is-300-is-350-2005-2012 There are some YouTube videos of this in action. From what I remember, there were a few bugs but lots of functionality.
  9. Yes as @Arqum said, it’s the dab aerial. I always wondered why Lexus didn’t integrate this better in to the car. Some were also installed pointing downwards. I think it depended on who was fitting them at the dealer.
  10. Sorry to see that you are leaving the fold. Good luck with the sale, the car looks lovely in the photos but I’m sure they still probably don’t do it justice! What have you got planned for it’s replacement ?
  11. @LexusFanBoy, what country do you live in? I only ask as whilst there is no such thing as a 4th Gen GS200t or GS300 in the UK, the GS200t ( which was then rebadged GS300) was available with the 2.0 t engine you are referring to in the USA and probably some other countries also.
  12. I always assumed that you would get at least a 12 month warranty with all cars sold by Lexus Main dealers?
  13. 😂 it would have to be on the drive. There is no way I would make it out of our road in the snow!
  14. Luckily I can walk to work so our F will be staying at home if the weather gets bad. I do agree with Winters though and have been thinking of getting some for the RX. I just need to work out the logistics of it, a second set of alloys would be ideal 🤔
  15. I’m not sure what the exact HP should be but i know that it isn’t has much as the LS460