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  1. I agree, it wouldn’t be the first time the information in their advert or even the official Lexus site has been incorrect!
  2. I would say that it was one of the later ones, as it has the brake hold function which my 17 plate doesn’t have.
  3. Yes, it’s a shame that they didn’t register anymore oranges ones over here. Both had the black interior also. We are with Direct Line and the insurance for our GSF is significantly cheaper than our RX450h!
  4. Seems like a reasonable price. Yes, I think one was on a 65 plate and the other was a 66 plate. We nearly moved on both back in July ‘17 when they were on sale IIRC. I think they went for around the £44k mark which was an absolute bargain at the time.
  5. I initially had problems with my iPhone 3GS and 4s when I first had our 2011 IS 250. The phone book in the car would randomly erase itself every now and then. However, I had no problems with my iPhone 5s, 6s and X that followed.
  6. For future reference, there is also a Mark Levinson badge on the subwoofer grill located in the middle of the rear shelf.
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will take a look at the connectors when I have some time. The head unit was removed a couple of times when we first bought the car due to various rattles, but that was over 10 years ago.
  8. I have noticed that when reverse is selected, the reversing camera just brings up a blank screen, but only occasionally over the last week. Stopping and immediately restating the car doesn’t fix this issue. However, the camera works again after restarting the car 30 mins later. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I’m assuming it’s a faulty connector or the camera beginning to fail?
  9. 😞 I remember when he posted that photo of the two cars in the garage on here. I had car envy as not only did he have an ISF but also one of the nicest looking IS250’s, which was one of the first examples on here.
  10. I may be wrong but that car looks like a user that used to be very popular on here when I first joined back in 2007. I think his user name was Tango. He also ran a IS250 SE-L with a ‘V6’ plate of the same colour, as shown in photo no 8 of the advert. Sad times if it is his car and he’s passed away.
  11. Up until last June, my daily driver for the past 7 years was a 2011 IS250 SE-L in which I covered over 90k miles in. It was a brilliant car and the only reason we sold it was that the right GSF became available. Our GSF is currently at Topaz having a front end refresh and PPF, so I have been driving around in my dads 2007 IS250 SE-L for the past week. I absolutely love our GSF. Every journey is an event, right from the start up and I find myself always looking back at her when parked up. I don’t think I will be parting with her until it becomes illegal to own a V8 🙄. However, I have come to the conclusion from driving an IS250 again, that it really is all the car you ever need (unless you need lots of boot space). Still a great car, even though it’s coming up to 13 years old, its more than fast enough without having to constantly worry about the rate you pass the national speed limit, and it is as smooth as the day my dad bought it back in 2009. I also like the fact that it still looks fresh and remains a relatively rare sight on the UK roads.
  12. I don’t think that’s for the same thing. Those instructions are for the Double Locking. That prevents people from breaking the window and unlocking the doors from the inside. The OP wants to know how to enable the Auto Locking, which locks the doors when the car passes a certain speed or when placed in to drive.
  13. The auto locking was not available on all years of the 2IS. I’m not sure when it was fitted. Our 2007 model didn’t have it but the feature could be enabled/ disabled by the method described in the manual on our 2011 model. So somewhere in between.