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  1. Good luck with the search for an ISF. We swapped our 2011 IS250 SE-L last year for a GSF and haven’t looked back. You won’t be disappointed. I was however very disappointed with the part exchange value I was given by the Lexus dealer for the IS. After Initially accepting it just to get the deal done (I had been waiting for the GSF to arrive at the dealer for 2 weeks and we were about to board a plane to Spain) I advertised the IS on AT and it sold within 2 hours of us landing back in the UK for £2500 more.
  2. F.A.

    Damaged Windscreen

    £900 is a lot but I’m not sure I would trust Nationwide or Autoglass to fit the windscreen correctly, align the cameras and not damage anything in the meantime. Our RX had a windscreen fitted by one of those outfits by the previous owner and they scratched the paint through to the metal at the top. It cost more than £900 to fix but luckily the Lexus dealer we purchased it from covered the cost. Auto glass also caused multiple scratches to my Honda Civic back in the day.
  3. F.A.

    Spotted ES300h

    It was a figment of speech, but it certainly felt that way at the service stations when they were all lined up next to each other.
  4. I’ve just returned from a trip up to Harrogate this weekend and spent the last 20 or so miles following a blue ES300h F Sport down the M5 towards Bristol. I wasn’t keen on the look of the ES when it was first launched but I must admit this one did look very striking at night especially with all of its lights on. The front looked very similar to the GS with the LED headlights. On another note I think I saw more Tesla’s on the journey to and from Harrogate from Bristol than Fords Vauxhall’s and BMWs.
  5. Lovely colour. I bet tomorrow can’t come fast enough.
  6. Nice photos. Your ISF is looking good. Are you still sitting at the same ride height or has it been lowered slightly?
  7. Behind the steering wheel to the right just below the speedo etc (2.19 on the video) There is a blanking plate here on my one.
  8. Whilst I agree with your comments regarding the opening and folding seats, I wouldn't call the the boot quite large. I found it relatively small and a nightmare with these new age prams / travel systems. At around 380 litres, it is no bigger (and less accessible) than a family hatch of that era and significantly smaller than its german peers which were around 460-480.
  9. Nice review. Interesting how that car has a ‘hold’ button at the bottom of the cluster. I assumed the F didn’t have this feature due to its brake set up.
  10. I had an IS250 SE-L Auto for 8 years and it was a brilliant car and completely reliable As mentioned above, I would avoid the manual. It wasn’t very good and comes with road tax implications. If a manual is a must then I would look for another car. I have a young family and the IS just wasn’t big enough. Luckily we also have an RX450h so that was used most of the time with the kids. The times that we used the IS as a family car, it was a very cramped experience and I’m only 5ft6. We replaced the IS with a GS last year and find that it has plenty of room for the family. The Multimedia Package ( as it was named on the early models you are looking at) was available as an option on all grades IIRC, and came standard on none. It included Sat. Nav, the Mark Levinson Audio and reversing Camera. The Suede seats were only available on the Sport trim. I would go with the leather. Ours had done 110k miles and the leather still looked good with very little wear even on the drivers bolsters. The Suede seats were only heated.
  11. It’s heavy because it is an amalgamation of 3 platforms. The front is from the 4GS, the middle is from the 2IS Hardtop convertible and the rear is from the 3IS.
  12. IIRC you could actually see that the spring had separated in to two pieces towards the top when you crawled under the car with a torch. However it was the dealer that first diagnosed it and sent me a video to illustrate the problem. The was replaced under the extended warranty. Good luck finding the cause.
  13. Snapped Coil Spring or the latch that fixes the middle ‘20’ of the 40 20 40 split seats. Try putting some felt tap around the bar it latches on.
  14. I thought that the car had to be under 10 years old before you bought the warranty. So theoretically you could buy 2 x the buy one get one free Lexus Warranty the day before the car was 10 and it would have a Lexus warranty until its 14th birthday or the mileage limit which I think is 140000 miles. But you couldn’t buy a Lexus Warranty on a car that had past its 10th birthday regardless if it was covered by one up to this point. Please correct me if I'm wrong.