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  1. Just out of interest, do you have any photos of the offending bolt to show where it is located ?
  2. They were fitted as standard to the 2020 models in the US. Mine came from an American dealer and was shipped by a relative.
  3. Looks good. We have the genuine Lexus projectors fitted to our GSF.
  5. I always wondered what happened to that car. It was going to be a good buy for someone who was willing to take a punt on the Service History. It’s good that it’s now officially part of the forum. Is the paint work OK? I remember the carbon on the front bumper looking very dull/ faded Ours has AVS fitted also and I find the ride to be very good. I’ve never been in a GSF without AVS but the majority of the cars on here don’t have it and I’ve never heard owners mention anything bad about the ride.
  6. I agree with your post. I think it depends on the dealer also, as I’ve seen headlights replaced under warranty on other members cars. We have had shocks, springs and other suspension bits changes on our RX under the extended warranty, so it does work! I have just left the headlights. They don’t seem to be getting worse and it only happens during the winter months. It’s just around the DRLs.
  7. Thanks for this @Pielight. What did the Extended Warranty cover regarding lights? I know bulbs aren’t covered and we have had several claims rejected for moisture in lights on our RX.
  8. What other items are not included in the Relax Warranty over the old warranty? I must admit, i would probably continue with the Extended Warranty if Relax was not around. However it saves us c. £1100 every two years, so that could always go towards items not covered. I imagine they would cost more than that though !
  9. AVS wasn’t fitted to the RCF/GSF until cars built after Dec ‘16 IIRC
  10. The car he drove didn’t have AVS and ours does, but reviewers have also commented on how good the fixed suspension was. Each to their own I guess.
  11. It’s the first time I’ve heard a reviewer comment on how firm the ride is and how poor the throttle response was. I’m guessing he’s just driven it in auto for the latter. I’m sure Harris liked the steering feel also.
  12. Yes, I’ve lost count of the number of times people have started with ‘is it a hybrid’ 😂
  13. I agree. I love the fact that it’s one of the last of a dying breed, where we are unlikely to see an NA V8 in a family saloon again. The fact that it probably won’t go bang like the Germans, is also a bonus. I also like how most ‘car enthusiasts’ are unlikely to know what it is.
  14. What do you recommend? I usually use Gliptone for Semi Aniline leather but I find it makes the leather shiny, which I want to try and avoid.
  15. Sounds like wear and tear unfortunately. Even it it wasn’t, Lexus isn’t interested in anything interior related even as a good will gesture. They will just insult you by saying you haven’t taken care of it.
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