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  1. The factory HID bulbs lasted 3-4 years in both our IS250's. On both occasions one blew so we changed both . Cost about £130 from the dealership. I was expecting them to last a lot longer but not a big problem. My friend got quoted £500 for both his hid's to be replace by Audi on his A4, although these were bi xenons
  2. This is not true. LED headlights are readily available on cars nowadays including several Lexus models. Our RX450 has them and they are much brighter than the HID lights on our IS250. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I think someone on here has actually taken bits of the GFX Kit as part of their luggage from the USA when it first came out ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes. You need to consider two factors. 1. Here in the UK Lexus is a relatively rare brand compared to its status in the USA. So prices reflect the market. 2. Lexus is a Premium brand which again is reflected in the price of servicing and parts. I never understand why people buy a premium car then complain about the cost of the aftercare. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Demonstrating the problem was an issue for us as it only happens under specific conditions which typically are never present when going to the dealer. I took a video of the problem and Bristol have suggested that should it happen again, then they will probably change all the sensors. Good job it's still under warranty but did not expect electrical issues with a Lexus Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Having the same problem with the front sensors on our RX450h. Started a couple of months ago when it was raining. The sensors would initially go off if you were near an object as normal but then would constantly go off when nothing was in front. It's been back to Lexus twice but they couldn't find anything wrong and in all fairness it has been fine up until the last week where it has been irratic again. I have cleaned the sensors but that has made no difference. Slightly disappointed that this has been an issue. Back to Lexus it is.
  7. What RX do you have? I haven't noticed these lights on our 2012 RX450h F Sport. I'm assuming this only came on later models or the Premier?
  8. Very nice. I do like a matching pair of Lexus' on the drive :D Did you get the Mark Levinson in the IS300h? Sorry just read your most recent post!
  9. Does the 2010 models have the ability to split the centre screen in to 3? Our 2011 IS250 can't but our 2012 RX 450h can and it allows you to view the MAP radio/ car eco info and climate control on the same screen? This screen also shows the song titles etc. I am guessing not otherwise you would have found it
  10. HUD as on option would be great but I doubt it will be available on that list, judging by the GS. HUD only available as standard on the premier.
  11. We bought the 450h expecting it to achieve 30mpg on my wives daily commute which is a 14 mile round trip in rush hour traffic and she currently averages 31 which we are very please with. This is achieved without the use of any 'hybrid techniques' and considering the car is a 2.2 tonne 3.5 V5 petrol with 295bhp is very impressive.
  12. My IS250 is currently having some warranty work carried out by Bristol Lexus and they have been kind enough to loan me a 2014 IS300h Premier. So I thought that I would add my thoughts of the car. Please remember that this is just my opinion so be kind lol. Firstly, I have had the car since Tuesday and used it for my daily commute which consists of an 18 mile motorway stint with little traffic to work followed by a 21 mile mix of A roads and inner city traffic at rush hour. I am currently averaging 37 mpg, which is about 9mpg more than I achieve in my IS250, but this is without trying any special hybrid tricks and a slightly heavy right foot. I am confident that this average would improve with time, as the car becomes less of a novelty and I find this highly acceptable for a non-diesel car of this size. What I liked 1. I love the over look of the car. I have to agree with Rayaans comment that the IS300h looks fast, even when it is parked up. I do however prefer the front of the F Sport version and only wish Lexus would offer the options of the Premier on the F Sport version. Although I think the only thing I would miss / could not add would be the BSM system which I kind of like, but this would not be a deal breaker. (Please correct me if I am wrong here) 2. Folding rear seats. 3. Front seats – Very comfortable and supportive. It generally takes me a while to find the perfect seating position, but this was not the case and I felt at home very quickly. 4. The TFT information screen in instrument panel. Very informative and easy to use 5. Four front parking sensors instead of two 6. Auto door locking still present and not removed for ‘ safety reasons’ as on the latest RX and GS 7. Handling and ride. I thought that the car handled very well and was easy to place on the road. Whilst the steering IMO is probably not as direct as the 3 series, it was more than good enough for everyday driving, which lets face it, this car would spend 99.9% of its life doing. 8. Fit and finish of the interior was perfect 9. How smooth and relaxing the car is to drive 10. How my MPG increased whilst crawling in traffic! 11. It is still a relatively rare sight on the roads and is not one of the German 3! What I didn’t like 1. Probably the biggest disappointment here is the Mark Levinson Sound System. As soon as I realised the car they were loaning me was a Premier, I was excited to try the Mark Levinson system. For comparison, we have the Mark Levinson system in our 2007 IS250 and our RX 450h and my IS250 has the 13 speaker Pioneer system (for some reason the Mark Levinson system was removed from the 2IS for the 2011 models). I love my music and mostly listen to Dancehall reggae, Soca, hip hop and RnB music and whilst I fully acknowledge that these genres are not the best to assess overall sound quality and clarity, I felt that as a direct comparison the system in the IS300h was the worst out of the 3 Mark Levinson systems with the RX being the best by far. The main problem was that whilst some songs sounded good others would sound very bass heavy and distorted. It was almost like the sub in the rear shelf was blown. May be it is just the type of music I listen to, but it all sounds good in the other cars. Just for reference, all of the sound levels were set to the middle setting. In a way, I hope there is something wrong with the system because I have always been impressed with the Mark Levinson brand 2. I am not really sure why Lexus have not fitted the interior with ‘cool’ coloured led lights instead of the ‘warm’ ones. My IS250 has ‘cool’ coloured map reading lights and foot well lights. I personally think that it gives the interior a more modern feel. Obviously this is not a big issue 3. I wish it had more ‘toys’ available. Don’t get me wrong, the Premier model is a very good spec, but apart from the Hybrid system, BSM, driver seat assist, two extra parking sensors and a better info system, there isn’t much more toys when compared to my IS250 SE-L. Maybe I’ve been spoilt with the spec of the SE-L! 4. I wish the exhausts were on show. I know it is a Lexus Hybrid trait to hide the exhaust, but the rear would look better with exhausts either side like on the 3IS IS250 and I expect the forthcoming IS200t 5. I missed my rear blind. Not a big problem as I would just get the rear tinted if I owned one. So in conclusion, a great car and one that I would seriously consider when the time comes to replace the IS250. It would have to be a white F Sport with full black leather (I am assuming this is real and possible semi aniline) probably the ML system as I’m hoping it will be better in another car and the premium nav. The only question is, do I go for the IS200t instead or a late ISF? Thank you for reading FA
  13. Id prefer an IS350 though! Appears that the RC200t is coming to the UK along with the RC300h. There'll be too much of a gap between the RC200t and the RC-F though. Lexus needs something in the UK which bridges the gap a little bit. Yes I agree an IS350 ( or a drive train that would given the similar performance ) would be ideal. An IS450h would have been perfect!
  14. If only they would release the 350 here!